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Some things are never easy to talk about, and that makes it all the more important to do so.

While a lot of times daytime is full of grand romances and outsized feuds, occasionally a soap opera will tell a real-life story that hits closer to home. That’s what Days of Our Lives did with Paulina and TR, her abusive ex and Lani’s father.

It’s something Paulina didn’t like talking about until she had to, admitting that she gave Lani away in the hopes of keeping her from her father, while she herself built an entire empire of power to make sure she was never put in that situation again. But then TR came back, supposedly a changed man, and tried to charm his way back into Paulina and Lani’s lives. He hadn’t changed and he continued to ruin lives in the process. Lani killed him protecting her mom and has been in prison ever since.

Paulina and Lani stand side by side, facing TR in Horton Square. The twins' baby stroller is between them. Days of Our Lives

And now, much like Paulina did with TR, Jackée Harry takes a serious turn that we don’t get to see all the time in a new Instagram post talking about her upcoming Lifetime movie, Every Breath She Takes.

“Our new movie,” she explains in the caption, “shows the lengths some abusers will go through to maintain a hold over somebody and how important trust and communication can be to getting that somebody out of a bad situation.”

In the Instagram video, Harry gets personal about the strength needed to get out of an abusive relationship and overcome the misplaced shame from being trapped in one.

“I’m a very strong woman,” Harry notes. “Even if you look at me like you’re going to hit me, it’s over. I’ll walk out the door. And I want to raise my kids and grandkids to have that strength because it takes courage to admit that you have been abused. A lot of people are ashamed of it.”

Check out the clip below to see what more Harry has to say about the topic.

The movie premieres on March 25 on Lifetime, and though it may be a difficult watch, sometimes it’s best to confront difficult topics head-on. Seeing Harry in it will certainly be a change from the upbeat actress and comedian folks may be used to seeing — though after addressing the topic of abuse on Days of Our Lives, it’s a role we know she’s more than up to tackling.

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