Bo is woken up NBC Peacock Days
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It’s the reunion the fans have been waiting years for.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of March 13 – 17, Bo and Hope are finally back. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

When we last saw Megan, Marlena, Kayla and Kate, the women had just woken up in her lab, having been in bizarre cryogenic chambers. Nick and the Devil had tried to steal their souls, but with Jake the angels’ help, they were sent back into their bodies. Unknown to them, so was someone they all know, Bo! Megan explained to the ladies how she faked their deaths, and that phase two of her plan was set to begin. She then gave them injections to knock them out.

In Salem, John and Steve sought Tony’s help to try and locate Megan. Tony recalled Stefano had a box of her belongings, and John called up Andrew Donovan, who like his father is in the ISA and was involved with Megan’s case last summer. She was after the prisms to cure someone, but they don’t know who that is. Clearly, it’s the man she’s long been obsessed with, Bo!

In the preview of what’s to come, the women regain consciousness and find a fourth, empty, cryogenic cylinder. Marlena asks, “Who the hell was in here?”

We Megan smiling at Bo in his chamber, and Hope saying, “Most people get over their high school sweethearts, but Megan never did.” Hope admits she still misses Bo every day, as it appears Megan has the orchid everyone had been searching for.

Awake and out of his chamber, Bo screams to be let out, as Hope says, “That woman deserves what’s coming her way,” Steve and John are apparently close to discovering what’s really been going on, bursting in on a scene with guns drawn.

Bo is shown walking in and finding the ladies still in their own chambers, and John’s son Paul says to his father, “I know it is dangerous!”

Later, Kate is shown attacking Megan, while Bo exclaims, “I have to find my wife!” Bo and Hope are back!

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube