Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Life really is good! 

Kate has been on one hell of a journey on Days of Our Lives lately. Sorry, we guess we should say “heaven” of a trip! There’s been a poisoning, two hospital stays, a marriage on her deathbed, a fake cremation, a trip to both purgatory and heaven and now an all-expenses paid trip to Megan’s luxury pod resort, location unknown.

And that’s just been in the past couple months! This week, it looks like we’ll finally catch back up with Kate and she’s going to be in for a shock — kind of like the one Lauren Koslow gave us on her birthday!

The actress took to Instagram as she was, “Celebrating my 70th trip around the sun… #grateful,” and the fans, to put it mildly, could not believe their eyes!

But, as Koslow hashtagged, “70 is the new 70,” and “own it.” And clearly, no one owns it like she does. Click through the photos below to get a peek at some photos of the actress in her earliest days, from riding a stick horse as a child to riding a real horse as an adult.

Mixed in with the marveling over Koslow turning 70, there were plenty of birthday wishes — including from Kate’s fellow heaven escapees, Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Deidre Hall (Marlena)!

“Happy birthday, hunny,” Hall shared, “I absolutely adore you.”

And Bold & Beautiful‘s Taylor, Krista Allen, even hopped over from her CBS sudser to wish, “Happy birthday, you beautiful soul,” to the woman she once called “mom!” (Back when she played Billie, of course.)

We’d like to join in and wish Koslow a very happy (belated) birthday! 70 has never looked so amazing! Now, if only we can get Kate out of Megan’s clutches and back in Salem… Ah, well, one thing at a time.

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