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It’s not what you think, either.

Ahead of his March 16 return to Days of Our Lives, Steve Burton was tasked by castmate Wally Kurth to contemplate how Harris Michaels differs from the Emmy winner’s other soap characters, General Hospitalpreppy-turned-hitman Jason Morgan and Young & Restless’ military vet-turned-detective Dylan McAvoy. (You can watch the actors’ whole talk below.)

Head Case

When Burton made his General Hospital debut, Jason Quartermaine was pre-med, and then his brother A.J. drove drunk, I was ejected from the car, hit my beautiful hair on a rock… ”

Back then, Burton was sporting such lush locks that they practically counted as bubble wrap. “I thought I had enough hairspray for a helmet,” he joked, “but apparently, it didn’t work.” Jason, at least the Jason viewers had first fallen for, couldn’t be saved. “My character changed,” becoming “very stoic… kinda emotionless.”

American actor Steve Burton, 1993. His most famous role is that of Jason Morgan on the long-running soap opera 'General Hospital'. (Photo by Maureen Donaldson/Getty Images)

Viva La Difference

It wasn’t until Burton left General Hospital for Young & Restless that he got to play someone who reminded him of… well, himself. I was really able to incorporate more of my personality into Dylan,” he said. “Jason was troubled, Dylan was troubled, and Harris is kind of in between these two. He’s fighting some demons.”

How could he not be, considering that he’s basically a straight arrow that got bent by Megan Hathaway’s brainwashing. (Little did she know she could’ve just hit the Navy SEAL on the head with a rock.) Harris is “also a good guy. He’s been a bad guy.” Now we’ll be eager to see whether, with Bo returning, he can manage to be Hope’s guy.

When Burton debuted Harris 2.0 on Days of Our Lives spinoff Beyond Salem in 2022, he and leading lady Kristian Alfonso had to get comfortable with one another fast. “We really were thrown right into the fire,” he recalled. “We don’t shoot anything in order, so one of my first days with her, we had all this highly emotional stuff, and I didn’t know” which end was up.

Luckily, “she has amazing eyes as an actress,” Burton noted. “That was kinda what I locked in on, and it was a great day. We’re best friends now.”

Review Jason’s wild life and “deaths” in the below photo gallery.