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If it ain’t broke…

Life hasn’t been easy for Chanel on Days of Our Lives lately. Well, we’d have to say more than lately. Her marriage was ended because Johnny was possessed by the devil. An affair from her past came back to haunt her when her former professor’s daughter came to town to ruin her life. Her relationship with Allie ended after a drunken night with Alex. Of course, Allie moving to the literal other side of the world didn’t help either.

In short, as Paulina noted on Wednesday’s episode, Chanel’s life is a mess. So it seems like the perfect time for Jada’s sister, Talia, to enter the picture! We got our first glimpse of her on Wednesday, along with her first interaction with Chanel, and the way it went down certainly got our attention!

Now, there’s no guarantee that Talia and Chanel will fall for each other nor is there necessarily an indication that Talia isn’t straight. But running into each other after hearing Paulina opine on how much of a mess Chanel’s personal life is and Abe talking to his step-daughter about losing Allie and having a hard time getting closure with Johnny just smacks of, what we call in the biz, a meet cute!

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Is this the start of a business partnership… or something more?

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

And though Chanel was clearly not impressed enough with Talia to hire her on the spot at the bakery, we know the two are going to be working together. In fact, that’ll likely be changing as early as today. You’d think maybe Chanel would learn not to mix business and personal once again, but this is Salem. Very few folks seem to learn from their past mistakes.

Mixing Chanel and Allie at the bakery was a recipe for success before, so why wouldn’t the show try it again? Plus, as the daughter of Marcus Hunter and sister of Jada, Talia, like Allie, is a legacy character. But even if the show does move in this direction, would she be taking over for Allie in every way, or would the show try to tweak the formula a bit?

The real twist might be if Chanel struggled with growing feelings for Talia, which weren’t reciprocated. It’s a fairly familiar story in daytime, but when two women are involved, we have a feeling it would unfold with a lot less uncomfortable obsession or trying to force it to happen. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Alex and Li.

But even without those kinds of beats, it’s the type of story that could create some emotional, character-driven drama. And when you get down to it, isn’t that why we all love daytime?

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