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This might be some help in catching us up to today’s saga!

By the time Bo and Hope return to Days of Our Lives next week, it’ll the be culmination of months of speculation, ever since their first return together last summer in Beyond Salem: Chapter 2. The spinoff brought Hope back on the canvas for the first time in years and brought Bo back to life for the first time since the end of 2015.

The story of “Bope,” though, began decades ago — as did Megan Hathaway’s role in it!

On Beyond Salem, Stefano’s daughter had been hunting down the pieces of the prism to bring Bo back to life. Once upon a time it had cured her father of terminal cancer, so Megan figured it could work for the man she still was obsessed with to bring him back from death. And it worked! We think. It wasn’t quite clear if the prism did the job, or Bo’s Get Out of Heaven free card did. Either way, he woke up at the end of Beyond Salem: Chapter 2 and in exactly one week, he’s returning to Days of Our Lives proper.

Beyond Salem Bo Hope Dance

It takes two to tango… in heaven.

Credit: Peacock screenshot

Now, preparing for Bo and Hope’s big returns (Megan is already back on Days of Our Lives) is easy enough by checking out Beyond Salem on Peacock. Or you can check out our gallery recaps of the shows. But what about before that? What about Bo and Hope’s earliest days with Megan and that darn prism?

Well, luckily a helpful fan shared clips of “Bope’s” early romance, which also dovetails with their getting mixed up with Megan and Bo’s scheme to steal part of the prism! It features a young Bo and Hope, Megan back in her earliest days and even our beloved Alice Horton!

Even better, as Reckell wrote upon resharing, “I think that might have been the first time I said Fancy Face!”

Though as beloved as the name is, the first time he says it… it sounds like a bit more of an exasperated name than a cutesy one! Still, it stuck, and the fans wouldn’t have it any other name.

Kristian Alfonso shared the clip a short time later as well, agreeing with Reckell, and writing, “I believe it was the first time, Pete. Filming in New Orleans. Angie, thank you for posting these clips.”

Check out the clips below to get a little taste of how Megan, the prism saga and Bo’s favorite name for Hope all came about!

We’ve got less than a week to go to find out what’s next for this story!

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