Linsey Godfrey attends Peacock hosts "Days Of Our Lives" Fan Event Sarah JC Olivera/Getty Images
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All we can say is, good luck! 

Sarah, if we’re being honest, threw us for a real loop on Days of Our Lives when she told Rex she’d go back to Chicago with him — without telling Xander she was pregnant with their baby! We still aren’t sure how long she’ll be gone, but even money says she’ll be back sooner or later to fill Xander in on his impending babydaddy status. Plus, they are technically still married.

Linsey Godfrey, meanwhile, is keeping busy with life — though it looks like she’s also being thrown for a loop or two! The actress shared a video, and it’s one that we can’t quite figure out if it’s adorable or frustrating! Maybe both? “Frustrorable?”

Godfrey took to Instagram to share the video with the caption that beau Scott Grimes “texted to ask if I was having a good day while he was at work.”

And that was the question! Godfrey, we’re pretty sure, was feeling something in that “frustrorable” zone. At least, that was what we got as she kept asking the question to herself over and over! Back in February, she and Grimes adopted the cutest pup, Evie. Except we think little Evie might have a bit of an evil streak…

“Am I having a good day…” Godfrey ponders in the video, walking through the house, following a trail of muddy paw prints. “Huh… I don’t know. Am I having a good day? It is such a good question.”

The really amazing thing is how long the trail of paw prints went on through the house. And then there was the double shocker as Godfrey showed what awaited at the end of that trail!

As the Days of Our Lives actress put it, “I just wouldn’t even know how to answer it.” That, though, wasn’t the end. Because just before the video cut off, things went off the rails once again. Check it out for yourself here!

And just to be sure it was clear, as the week went on, the actress added, “Just to clarify, it was in fact mud. Haha! Evie is a Pitsky (Pit bull and husky. Also with a little German shepherd) so her undercoat is really dense, so I guess it acted as some sort of sponge and really soaked up that mud and held it in there, keeping those footprints freeeesssshh.”

But hey, at least they weren’t alone in the mud! Elia Cantu (Jada) didn’t hesitate to offer to jump in to the rescue. “Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed in the comments. “Girl, call me if ya need some help cleaning that up!! Lol, I’ll come over.”

We guess it takes a village to raise a rambunctious puppy!

Time will tell if Sarah’s pregnancy reunites “Xarah,” but they’ve survived quite a lot already, as you can see in our photo gallery of their relationship!