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“It puts her in a predicament.”

It looks like the race is officially on for Days of Our Lives’ Li and Stefan over who will end up earning Gabi’s love. That sounds kind of silly, right? Stefan already has her heart and Gabi’s currently using Li for his shares with a healthy dose of disdain thrown in for free.

But this is Salem and things are never that cut and dry. Heck, they haven’t been since Stefan’s resurrection!

Gabi, of course, agreed to stay married to Li for six months in order to get his DiMera shares out of him. It’s a business deal as far as she’s concerned, but Li sees it as a way to “prove” that he loves her. The thing is, she only made the deal after Stefan’s little Valentine’s Day mix up with her and Chloe. Gabi was ticked and, as she admitted to an exasperated Rafe, there was something appealing about Li’s desperation to prove he was devoted to her.

Which is more than Stefan could say at the moment.

A smirking Li and a glaring Gabi shake hands in his hotel room.

It’s amazing how often love begins with a handshake. Or not.

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Except now that she’s agreed to Li’s terms, Stefan’s feelings for Chloe have evaporated and he wants Gabi and only Gabi once again. Mostly.

Because, Camila Banus tells Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue, it’s not that simple. With Stefan once again a one-woman man, he and Gabi start planning their reunion. She tells him about her deal with Li, but his reaction is not what she had wanted to see.

“Gabi’s hoping that Stefan will immediately be jealous and possessive,” Banus says. “That he says, ‘This is not going to happen. I’m going to be your man.’ But he doesn’t.”

Instead, Stefan sees this as a way for the two to squeeze Li for all he’s worth. They’re in it to win it. After all, Stefan’s already plotting EJ’s takedown. If he and Gabi can eliminate Li’s stake in DiMera, that solidifies Stefan’s power grab even more.

And it’s only after deciding that little self-serving plot that Stefan declares his love for Gabi — just as Li comes upon them and puts an end to their canoodling. Because it turns out there was some fine print that Gabi didn’t bother to read about their deal.

A wry EJ stands next to Jake at DiMera, as Gabi hands the latter a file. Li observes behind Gabi

Gabi and Stefan are playing a high-stakes game against both EJ and Li. But is it worth risking their love?

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“The contract is clear,” Banus tells Digest. “Gabi and Lie don’t have to be having any sexual relations together, but Gabi can’t be having any on the side. Gabi wasn’t aware of the fine print,” and is surprised by it. But should she have been? Li’s a shrewd businessman, so would he really have given her a loophole to continue rebuilding her feelings with Stefan?

“It definitely gives her second thoughts,” Banus explains, “because she knows that Stefan finally does want to be with her, but now she’s stuck waiting for six months.”

And that’s enough to get her to flip out at Li. But in the end, she wants his shares and it is what it is. Six months, no cheating on him with Stefan.

The thing is, Stefan could have said, “No, Gabi, this isn’t worth it, I love you and want to be with you now. You’re more important.” But… he didn’t.

And that, more than Li’s fine print, could end up derailing this reunion. Again.

Gabi knows what she likes and goes for it — as you can can see in our photo gallery of Banus’ most memorable moments as the schemer