Nicole blocks a slap from SLoan Days
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Leo has some big news to share with the former object of his eye, Chad.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of March 6 – 10, will Eric and Nicole finally reunite?. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Gabi teases, “I just got some news you’re going to want to hear.” Elsewhere, Leo offers Chad the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and swears on Chris Hemsworth.

Last week Brady and Eric helped Dr. Rolf to finish deprogramming Stefan, only for Rafe to arrest the boys. Coming up, Belle finds Brady and Eric in jail together and gloats, “Fine mess you two have gotten yourselves into.” However the deprogramming worked, and Stefan was no longer in love with Chloe. Look for Gabi and Stefan to celebrate finally being together with a kiss.

Wendy needed a roommate with Allie having left town, and Tripp stepped up. And while Wendy was more concerned about how Johnny would feel about them living together, it is Wendy’s father who is displeased his unmarried daughter is living with a boy.

With Sonny headed to New Zealand with Will, Alex assumed he would be able to slide into the CEO position at Titan. However, Maggie dropped the bomb on him that Victor, who is out of town, is giving the CEO job to another Kiriakis. Next week, Maggie warns Alex that she has no problem firing him. Is Maggie the new CEO?

Last week, Nicole took a trip down memory lane, recalling her past with Eric and her early years in Salem. It seems no matter how hard she tries, all roads lead back to Eric for her. Eric meanwhile got encouragement from his father not to give up on Nicole. Coming up, upon seeing Sloan kissing Eric, Nicole coughs, “tramp!” Sloan responds, “Bitch!” and attempts to slap her, only for Nicole to block the attempt and inform her, “Oh honey, I invented that move!” Elsewhere, Eric and Nicole’s exes are growing closer, as Jada teases Rafe, “Are you interested in me?”

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