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He just keeps digging himself deeper. 

Eric’s in a tough place right now. Once one of Days of Our Lives’ best and brightest, the former priest (twice over) has been on a steady spiral downward ever since Jada decided not to keep their baby and he and Nicole broke up. Then half his family died (except not really, but that’s a whole other thing), Eric started drinking and acting out, hanging out with the wrong crowd…

Wait, is he going through a delayed teenage rebellion?

It seemed, though, like things might be finally turning around when he helped Brady out and split with Sloan. Technically, she split with him, but details, details. The point was Eric was free and even though he did something shady and underhanded and, if we’re being honest, put Stefan at risk, he did it to help his brother.

There was a degree of altruism in there that at the same time cut him free from someone as self-serving (though fantastic in bed) as Sloan.

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“You two actually thought you could out scheme me? That’s cute. Annoying, but cute.”

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Then he ran into Nicole and had a tender moment or two as they recalled their first meeting 25 years ago. It seemed like he might be able to start turning things around. Until he was arrested for kidnapping Stefan.

And now he’s right back to square one because that’s about to put him square into Sloan’s sights once again. The two may be fun together, but she doesn’t exactly bring out his best impulses.

At first, Jessica Serfaty tells Soap Opera Digest in their new issue, Sloan is ticked at Eric and downright thrilled to learn that he’s locked up. She wants Trask to throw the book at her ex.

“When you still have feelings for someone and you’ve broken up, you do things out of anger,” Serfaty explains. “Or just to get a reaction out of them.”

But then she’s reminded of how fantastic the sex was and has a run-in with Belle — who has no intention of helping her brother. That’s enough motivation to get Sloan to go back to Eric, get him out of jail and stick it to the lawyer who’s been a thorn in her side since day one in Salem. Oh, and get the amazing sex back.

“Sloan’s very direct,” Serfaty explains. “She goes in for the kill and gets what she wants. What she wants is Eric, and it’s giving her an upper hand in this small little town with these small little people, AKA Belle.”

So Sloan saves Eric, and they reunite — further alienating him from his remaining family. Is this really a great idea? Maybe not, but if Belle didn’t want to help her brother, it may have been the only one he had.

Outside the Pub, a disdainful Nicole stands between Eric and Sloan.

At least it’s always a good time when these three get together! For people who like messy drama.

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And as for that reconnection with Nicole? Don’t count on that going anywhere, even outside of EJ. Because once free, Eric and Sloan run into Nicole and that’s just too delicious an opportunity to pass up.

“Sloan loves ruffling feathers,” Serfaty tells Digest. “These types of things are just fun for her. They’re part of the dance. It gives her something to wake up for in the morning.”

Well, that should go nicely, then! At this point, it seems like Eric’s flirting with the dark side may be turning into something a bit more permanent. But hey, maybe he’ll convince Sloan to be a better person while they’re together?

We won’t hold our breath.

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