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And baby makes three… times four?

If there’s one surefire rule in the soap world, it’s that pregnancy news is rarely, if ever simple. That’s something we’re sure Days of Our Lives’ Sarah is about to find out the hard way.

Just as Xander learns he and Sarah aren’t divorced, she gets the exciting news that she’s pregnant! Well, judging by the look on her face in the promo, it’s anything but exciting. And despite Rex’s seeming elation over being a father, we give it a 50/50 chance of that ending up true. Maybe less, actually. Sarah and Xander had far opportunities to make a baby than she and Rex!

In bed a shirtless Xander grins at Sarah. Wearing a robe, she folds her arms and glares at a box with a bow on it.

“If this present is a baby, Xander, you better take it back right now.”

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Still, the chance of Rex being a baby daddy isn’t zero, especially in Salem. It’s a classic soap twist, but in this case, we don’t see Sarah being happy with either of her options for father. She and Rex weren’t exactly living a grand romantic reunion so much as having a fun rebound. And her and Xander? She’s ready to be done with him for good.

Sorry, Sarah, but we don’t see an easy road ahead for you. The thing is, they aren’t the only ones perfectly poised for baby drama. This is, after all, a soap opera. How many pregnancies are actually intentional on daytime? So is Salem about to experience a baby boom?

Eric and Sloan

These two, for lack of a better phrase, have been going at it like rabbits. Now, if there’s anyone we trust to know how to use protection, it’s Sloan — but accidents still happen. And that would be one heck of a mess, especially after Jada’s abortion. Eric is desperate to have a child and he just lost his chance at one with Jada. But Sloan, we’re sure, is even less ready to be a mom than Jada was. Also, she’d be a… questionable role model at best.

In Sloan's bed, she and Eric lean back on the headboard. Eric rests his hand on her knee and they stare into each other's eyes.

“Look at me, Eric. Am I really the woman you want to have a kid with?”

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And now that they’ve split, it seems like Sloan would have even less of a desire to keep Eric’s baby. But it may not be as cut-and-dry as it seems. Losing her mom devastated Sloan and having a child of her own could give her the chance to make up for that loss, in a way, by being a mother herself.

Chloe and Stefan

This might be a bit of a stretch since Chloe and Stefan slept together back at the New Year… but in Salem, it’s not impossible. And with Chloe having just decided she’s done with Stefan and his brainwashing finally unraveled, this is the prime soap time to throw them a curveball. Plus, Stefan’s, “I can’t believe this is over now. It’s over for you, too,” seems far too tempting for fate to pass up.

A downcast Chloe wears a robe while sitting on her Miami hotel bed. Wearing a t-shirt and boxer briefs, a compassionate looking Stefan rests his hand on her arm.

“Could you maybe just pretend it’s Brady’s? I know you haven’t slept together in about half a year, but I’ve got a whole Gabi thing I’m working on.”

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Then there’s the fact that Gabi’s trapped in her marriage for the next six months, which would take Chloe to about the nine-month mark — having her and Stefan’s baby just as Gabi and Li are finally able to split! Let’s just be thankful that Gabi and Li didn’t make it to a romantic wedding night. Because if that happened, we’d have no doubt that Li would be positively giddy with excitement over a baby.

Stephanie and Alex/Chad

Yup, after that first night together with Chad, Stephanie’s now slept with both him and Alex. And though she’s clearly made her choice after Alex’s betrayal, she hasn’t quite turned off her feelings for her Kiriakis ex. Getting pregnant and being unsure of the father is a surefire way for her to take a good long look at who she really wants to be with.

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“May the best dad win!”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

As for the potential dads, Chad would likely wrestle a bit with the news that he could be a dad again. It took a lot to get to where he could move on with Stephanie after Abigail’s death, but finding out he might have a child with someone other than his lost wife — especially so soon after getting together — could send him spiraling once again.

And Alex? Would he be elated at this extra tie to Stephanie or freak out at the thought of being a parent? He may be a bit more eager to settle down with one person than Sloan, but the two are still cut from similar “young and carefree” cloth.

Days of Our Lives has been messing around with grand supernatural and sci-fi stories for some time now and a baby boom would be the perfect way to bring it back down to its roots.

Love and romance are the bedrock of daytime, and baby drama comes hand-in-hand with it. Whether it’s a matter of “Who’s the daddy?” or just dramatically inconvenient timing, Days of Our Lives is poised to take advantage of a classic soap trope to prove that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. They just have to make use of it! Plus, it would give us the next generation of characters and make it clear the show was planning on sticking around for years to come.

What do you think? Is it time for a baby boom in Salem? Is there anyone else who could turn up pregnant next?

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