Bryan Dattilo lucas days
Credit: JC Olivera/Getty Images

The “Comeback Kid” is getting at it!

Poor Lucas. The Days of Our Lives fave is stuck languishing in prison with Orpheus, the man who killed his mom. Except, really, it was Megan who swiped the cure that could have saved Kate — and then used it to keep her alive while kidnapping her, Kayla and Marlena. Also, Lucas is in prison because he’s no stranger to the kidnapping game either after holding Sami hostage for months. So, maybe we shouldn’t be feeling too bad for him.

Still here’s hoping he’s redeemed and set free sooner, rather than later! The good news is, we hear prisons are great for getting in shape and working out, so by the time he’s released, he should be one buff man! That certainly seems to be what Bryan Dattilo’s going to do, judging by his Instagram.

The actor shared a series of videos as he began his workout journey.

“So this is day one,” he notes in the first of them, “going back to working out. Today is core day!” He then showed off the oblique (your side stomach muscle) workout as a tip on how to “shave your love handles — I got a lot of love in my handles!”

And the fans were loving it! As Tina Kelly wrote beneath, “You still look great! Been my days crush since day one in your military school uniform. 30 years later and these kids on the show have nothing on you! We are all 50s and fabulous!”

And as sammiefan wrote in the following video in which Dattilo shows how to perform the ever-difficult planks properly, “I don’t know how you talk to us while you work out. By the way… we all appreciate you being human with us.”

The actor then moved on to videos of leg lifts and pushups (“A lot of people don’t do pushups on core day,” he notes, “but it’s part of your core. Hate to tell you that.”) before cooling down with some water. And, by then, losing the shirt!

“Hydrate with water,” he advises, along with stretching in between sets. “Especially if you’re just getting back into it and don’t want to cramp and fatigue quicker than you need to. Or hurt yourself when you’re just starting back out.”

So, who’s joining Dattilo on his fitness journey? The year is still young and fitness resolutions are still good! And we know one actor who’s got plenty of tips to help you out!

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