Megan Hathaway stares forward looking leased with herself.
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Where exactly are the women of Salem? And What’s Megan’s next move?

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of February 27 – March 3, Kate, Marlena and Kayla discover where they’ve really been. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

In a lab somewhere, Stefano’s believed dead daughter Megan Hathaway opens the chambers that Kayla, Marlena and Kate have been asleep in. We already knew Megan was alive from the previous season of Beyond Salem, and she’s also had Bo in a similar chamber. In the afterlife, Jake came to the ladies’ rescue from Nick, asking him to send their souls which he snatched back to their bodies. During their bickering, we learned the angels had done the same with Bo before it was his time to go, but that had been corrected.

Upon waking up and seeing Megan, Marlena recalls who she is, and Megan cackles. Coming up she reveals that phase two of her plan will begin shortly, which no doubt is bringing back Bo. Decades ago, Bo was the man Megan believed she belonged with, even trying to fake a pregnancy and acquire a baby to pass off as his. When she realized she’d lost Bo, she even tried to kill Hope but ended up being killed herself by Larry Welch, who was infatuated with Hope. Or at least, so everyone thought Megan was dead! John and others learned that wasn’t the case in the then on-line only spin-off.

Elsewhere in Salem, at lunch, Gwen reveals to Justin and Leo that some twit at the courthouse lost Xander and Sarah’s divorce papers. Justin has to break the news to Xander that he and Sarah are still married. Of course, there is a bigger shock to come. Sarah, trying to get over Xander, ended up in bed with her ex-husband Rex. This week she discovers she’s pregnant! When Rex learns the news he’s thrilled, but Sarah doesn’t appear so happy. Could the baby be Xander’s?

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