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Move over, Beyond Salem!

Love it or hate it right now, Days of Our Lives has certainly got fans talking. The show’s been taking us on a multi-month journey as three of its leading ladies, Marlena, Kayla and Kate, have been poisoned, recovered, died… and sent to the afterlife!

They were tricked into signing their souls over, made a deal with the devil himself and left viewers wondering what in the literal hell was going on. Clearly the ladies were going to return to life at some point. But how?

Was the show going to pull off some miracle thanks to divine intervention? Were the ladies still alive but in some sort of joint virtual reality?

The show then upended all expectations on the Monday, February 20 episode by explaining that the ladies’ souls were truly in the afterlife, but they were also still alive and… well, OK. So, it’s both a supernatural and sci-fi story rolled into one.

Well, that explained Days of Our Lives’ pod tease that they dropped over on their Instagram account on the weekend. Kind of. And it certainly got the fans reacting!

In a lab, Marlena Kayla and Kate lie with closed eyes in glass chambers.

If nothing else, kudos on the triple pod budget, Days of Our Lives.

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“Days writers,” Hale Adalı pleaded on the Instagram post, “please stop evil, heaven, ghosts… all these unreal weird things. Because if you go on, it will be the end of this show! Viewers want to see real stories, love and romance. Why don’t you get it?”

There were comparisons to NBC’s wonderfully bonkers supernatural sudser Passions and ABC’s original daytime creepfest, Dark Shadows. Last year, at this time, we were battling Satan after his extended stay in Salem. This year, we’re jumping between the afterlife and stasis pods in a secret DiMera lab.

Not many folks, though, brought up another unconventionally supernatural soap opera: Port Charles. ABC’s General Hospital spinoff didn’t exactly start out as a show about vampires and angels, but it didn’t take long for the supernatural to get into its DNA and move the soap away from the mundane to the fantastic.

It only lasted six years, but we can only imagine what might have been if it had come about after folks grew more comfortable with (and, indeed, excited about) the supernatural craze that started with fare like True Blood, Twilight and The Walking Dead. Instead, it was just about a decade too early.

Would it still be going strong if it had ridden that wave? It’s an intriguing thought, and one that Days of Our Lives seems uniquely positioned to take advantage of. Streaming platforms tend to have more leeway to try different concepts. And the supernatural and the sci-fi have always been a part of Salem’s DNA.

Surrounded by glowing purple light and standing next to a flame, Marlena pleads with the Devil who appears to her as Doug.

Maybe just give the devil a bit of a rest in the spinoff… Folks really seem to be tired of him.

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Lately, they just seem to have taken over, which doesn’t sit well with a lot of longtime fans. But it most definitely has its supporters! Heck, as one of the Soaps.com staffers said here after we got the reveal that Kate, Kayla and Marlena were being held in stasis pods, “I will admit that yesterday’s ending left me thinking, ‘Well, I guess I’m gonna have to see what happens next!’”

Barb Z responded to the Instagram tease by sharing that she’s still “Loving this story even if it’s out of this world! There’s excitement, adventure, intrigue, suspense and even some romance and love. It’s pure entertainment.”

And littleone621 added, “This will be an interesting story line. Yes, it’s goofy, but that’s the fun of it! Hmmm, will these ladies run into other dead Salem residents?”

Wouldn’t it make sense to create a whole spin-off to try these things out? Set it in Salem and deal with all the odd goings-on that happen. It could blend genres even better than shows like Passions or Port Charles, mixing supernatural and sci-fi stories into an entirely new, exciting concoction.

It could satisfy the fans who are enjoying these detours, while also bringing new folks into the Days of Our Lives universe — who could then maybe even end up checking out and watching the mother soap! It seems almost like a no-brainer at this point, especially since we got word that Days of Our Lives had hit the number one spot on Peacock.

Days Beyond Salem Bo Alive

That’s the determined look of a man who should get his own spinoff.

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After all, they’ve already dabbled on a lesser scale with spinoffs like Beyond Salem. And last summer’s chapter was pretty much the current Kate, Kayla and Marlena story, just on a smaller scale to bring back Bo. Heck, maybe they could anchor the new spinoff with fan faves like Bo and Hope digging into why Salem seems to be a nexus of the strange. It could showcase the more supervillain-like DiMeras and be filled with all the magical prisms and life-restoring serums it could handle.

Plus, it would let the original show get back to telling the less fantastical tales that longtime viewers love. What do you think? Should Days of Our Lives create a spinoff for its fantastical stories and get the original back to being more grounded?

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