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Reach too far and he may just lose everything. (Well, almost.)

Life hasn’t been simple for Days of Our Lives’ Stefan since he was brought back from the dead. Well, that pretty much goes without saying for someone who was kept “alive” on machines in a basement for years before his twin brother’s heart was plopped in his chest.

But it goes double for a man who was brainwashed in the process, had his feelings manipulated and then, upon learning of the games his family played, decided to seek revenge on the brother who, honestly, had the least to do with his brain soup.

We guess Kristen and Li are suffering their own indignations, though, so sure. The thing is, both Stefan’s EJ-drugging scheme and his dilemma in choosing between Chloe and Gabi may both be turned on their heads. And that’s thanks, according to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, to Johnny!

Actually, it sounds like it may be in part due to Stefan’s own sloppiness because Johnny’s about to find an empty vial in EJ’s office and start to wonder what in the world is going on. (Though when your mansion has secret tunnels and a mad scientist’s lab underneath it, is an empty vial really all that unusual?)

in the DiMera mansion, Stefan talks with a pensive looking Johnny

“Hold on, Uncle Stefan. I’m trying to remember if I’m mad or not at my dad this week before I decide whether to expose or congratulate you.”

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“Johnny hasn’t necessarily witnessed EJ’s odd behavior,” Carson Boatman tells Digest, “but he hears about it. He hears that EJ had a press conference and let some confidential information slip, which is unlike him.”

And that’s enough for him to start piecing some things together. Though they’re the wrong kinds of things!

Boatman says Johnny “remembers seeing his dad at the DiMera mansion that morning and that he appeared to be hungover or out of it in some way. So he thinks, ‘Well, maybe my dad is using drugs.’”

And it would be understandable. EJ took Susan’s death hard, and he probably still blames himself for his part in it and the Ava war. Maybe he started turning to drugs to cope. So “Johnny approaches it pretty nicely. He’s holding the vial and softly confronts EJ about it.”

His dad doesn’t know what the vial is, but he starts putting some pieces together. And there’s only one place for those pieces to lead: Straight to Stefan. Once that happens, it may be all over for EJ’s scheming brother — and we aren’t just talking about his designs on DiMera Enterprises!

Chloe’s already unsure of what she wants with Stefan and this kind of cut-throat revenge plan isn’t likely to sit well with her. And that’s going to go doubly if she finds out that her good friend Nicole was pulled into this scheme and drugged as well.

Having Johnny blow this all up in his face is more likely than not going to force Stefan’s choice between women. Because while Chloe will probably be revolted, Gabi’s likely to look a lot more favorably at Stefan’s scheming for DiMera control — especially if EJ was collateral damage!

A scowling Gabi throws a glass of red wine at Stefan. He raises his arms, as if he's jumping back from the stream of wine making contact with his white button down.

“What’s this for?! I told you, I choose you, Gabi! (Because Chloe hates me now and I have no choice…)”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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Gabi’s approval, though, may not be enough for Stefan to keep his role in the company or the DiMera household. But hey, at least the two of them would be able to scheme for a way back in! Probably from Salem Inn. Or, hey, we’re guessing Jake’s old place is open now that Ava’s got… other living arrangements.

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