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There’s only one place this can all be headed… and that’s going to drive folks crazy!

Something strange is going on right now on Days of Our Lives. In the midst of relationship turmoil, brainwashing, revenge plots involving murder and corporate upheaval and dances with the devil (and Nick), there’s one couple who actually seems… happy. In fact, they’re not just happy, but for Chad and Stephanie, everything seems to be going right.

Steve put aside his own grief over Kayla to let his daughter know how happy he was for her — after catching Chad leaving their home first thing in the morning. Thomas and Charlotte both adore Stephanie to the point that they’re making her Valentine’s Day cookies and have given their dad their full blessings. And Chad and Stephanie are even pulling up out of the misery of their mourning together!

In short, there’s some serious trouble ahead. If there’s one thing that never lasts on soap operas, it’s happy couples. And that goes double, heck, triple in Salem. Now that trouble could come from Alex. After all, he may be distracted by Allie for now, but with Lindsay Arnold leaving the show, we have a feeling he’ll be free to turn his attention back to Stephanie soon enough.

At the horton house, Thomas puts something into Stephanie's hands. She sits on the couch next to chad with closed eyes. Charlotte smiles nearby.

This is just too cute for words! And to last…

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But draw or not, it’s hard to imagine him posing much of a real threat to Stephanie and Chad’s happiness. After all, when Chad admitted to being ready to move on with her, Stephanie admitted that the only reason she gave Alex a chance was because Chad had made it clear he was unavailable.

So, no, this utter happiness is going to be thrown by something else. Something greater. And after watching Chad and Stephanie in that Valentine’s Day episode we know exactly what that something is: Abigail’s return.

We know, we know! Another death that isn’t sticking?! Well, what do you think?

Days of Our Lives is making it clear right now that death is just a minor inconvenience. Bo is going to be back on our screens in less than a month after being resurrected by Megan and being sent back to his body from heaven. Kate, Kayla and Marlena are, well, we all know they’re going to win this battle with the devil. We don’t know how, but you can bet the farm on the fact that they’re going to be back.

Heck, even Ava managed to dive out of an exploding car and come back (only to be shipped off to a mental hospital), and since we never actually saw Susan in heaven, just Nick impersonating her, even money says she’ll be back too.

Susan Abby talk Tooth Fairy DAYS

“Hey, remember when we were both dead, Abigail? That was wild, right?”

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At this point, Abigail not coming back would be the crazy twist. And as Stephanie grows closer not just to Chad, but to his kids too, what bigger challenge could come between them than Abby’s return?

Would that be the end of Stephanie and Chad? Not necessarily… but it might very well send her back to Alex’s arms for a bit. And, of course, this being Days of Our Lives, we’re sure Abigail’s return wouldn’t be without complications. Sarah came back thinking she was someone else, pushing Xander towards Gwen. Stefan came back brainwashed to hate Gabi, pushing her towards Li.

The how of Abigail’s return would be irrelevant, but the why is right there in front of us in big bold letters. The love growing between Stephanie and Chad is just too darn easy. And in a town like Salem, that’s a magnet for trouble.

Abigail lunges at Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Don’t worry, Abigail can get The Spectator back!

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Plus Jack and Jennifer are finally both back in town with Gwen pulling their lives apart, ticked off that she’ll never be as good as their precious Abigail. It seems like the exact opportunity for her to come back and put Gwen — and Xander — on notice. That is, if she can manage to pull her own life together while she’s at it.

What do you think? Is Abigail coming back from the dead an inevitability?

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