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“Psst: spread the word.” 

It feels like we’ve been waiting ages since we first got the news that Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso would be bringing Bo and Hope back to Days of Our Lives. We first got the news back in the fall after their tantalizing Beyond Salem tease over the summer. Then the show released its winter preview trailer months ago with, among a slew of other teases, “Bope” in it.

Well, February sweeps is chugging along, the winter’s rapidly passing, and we’ve seen just about every other storyline in that trailer except for Bo and Hope. Then we got word of when Megan Hathaway will be back on our screens and we started thinking… Bo and Hope can’t be far behind!

“News flash,” Miranda Wilson tweeted. “Megan’s first reappearance has been revealed. Make sure to watch Days of Our Lives on February 24, 2023, so you don’t miss the start of the fireworks.”

And judging by the photo, not only is Megan back, she’s making herself right at home in the DiMera mansion. We can only imagine how much that’ will drive the rest of the family crazy. Though the only one who’s actually met her at this point is Tony! At least, we think. Unless that was back when André was masquerading as Tony… Eh, it doesn’t matter.

The point is, if Megan did successfully bring Bo back to life (with a little divine assistance), so it makes sense that if she’s in Salem, he can’t be far off. And that also means that Hope has to be right around the corner as well!

But then on Valentine’s Day, Days of Our Lives dropped all pretense and tweeted out the ultimate countdown. That’s right, in 30 days, we’re getting “Bope” back!

Now, by our calculation, that puts their return on March 16 — though that whole week will likely be can’t-miss television. In other words, mark your calendars and make sure you don’t miss a day of Days of Our Lives! “Bope” is almost back!

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