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Does anybody have a fan handy?

Things aren’t going so well for Xander right now on Days of Our Lives. Well, we supposed that depends on your definition of “well.” On the one hand, he’s lost Sarah and is newly divorced, but on the other, he and Gwen are hooking up and he’s decided to start a whole new career! Unfortunately, that career involves running a newspaper that he’s in the process of blackmailing away from Jack and Jennifer… but points for actually finding gainful employment?

In any case, as Valentine’s Day is right upon us, Paul Telfer is busy looking back to happier times with Xander and Sarah. In a video for Days of Our Lives‘ Valentine’s Va-Va-Voom, he’s asked what his hottest scene was — and his answer is sure to make “Xarah” fans happy!

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Who knew nostalgia could get so hot?

Credit: Jill johnson/JPI

“My hottest va-va-va-voom scene was definitely the first big love scene between Xander and Sarah,” he shares. “And I remember it being funny at the time because Linsey and I, our characters were in love, but they weren’t making love. For almost a year. And so when we finally got to do it, we were hoping that the show would give us a really big scene. And, well, here’s what happened.”

Afterward the just about five-minute scene of passion Telfer (and probably the rest of us, too) needed to fan himself a bit with his shirt. “It’s a little warm in here, isn’t it?”

Yes, yes, it is! But alas, the good times never seem to last forever. And that’s when the violin music started playing.

“Unfortunately,” Telfer mourns, “Sarah’s now getting all va-va-voomie with bloody Rex. Oh well, I guess Xander’s going to spend his Valentine’s Day just… very sad, in his bed, watching that love scene over and over again with a box of chocolates.”

At least he might end up with a job! And Sarah might end up with Rex… for real. But hey, them’s the breaks, Xander!

Check out the clip along with the full love scene here. Alas, YouTube deemed it too hot to handle without being age-restricted! And we can’t say we blame them.

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