receives emails from soap opera fans daily, asking questions about the show or the actors and providing feedback regarding their soaps. Today, received an email from a fan interested in Lauren Koslow’s hair. Since it’s always a hot topic in our Days of Our Lives forums, we thought it best to answer the fan’s question right on the site!

Robin L asks, “I am looking for a photo of Lauren Koslow, who plays Kate Roberts on Days of Our Lives, showing her newest hairstyle. It looks like a medium length shag with chunky red and gold highlights and a blue stripe underneath over one shoulder. I saw this on the January 25th episode. Any suggestions on where I can get a hold of a picture? I love it!! Thanks!” Hi Robin, we’re happy to provide a photo from the January 25 recap of Kate’s hairstyle. It’s the only one we have but hope that it helps. The blue strip is likely a clip on piece while the rest is colored to suit her funky stylings! We hope you enjoy the photo and invite you to contact us again with questions regarding the show.