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Dare we trust our eyes?

If there’s one good thing that’s come out of Kayla, Kate and Marlena dying, it’s that we’ve been getting some trips down Memory Lane and we’ve gotten to see some familiar characters who’ve passed on in the afterlife — characters like Adrienne!

Though Judi Evans has been around playing Adrienne’s double, Bonnie (and even, in part taking over her life in the Kiriakis family and marrying Justin), for the last few years the two women are very different, and it just hasn’t quite been the same. Adrienne, after all, has been gone since she was killed in a car accident during the Days of Our Lives time jump three years ago.

But in the Friday, February 3 episode, she reunited with Kayla in heaven. Because where else would she be? “Spending time with you has really warmed my heart.”

Adrienne devil hugging Kayla in heaven hell peacock days

And then the show pulled the rug out from under us once again as Adrienne asked Kayla to sign a contract (never a good sign) and then sent her off on the next leg of her journey. That’s when Adrienne’s voice dropped a few octaves and she chuckled at how gullible Kayla was. So we were back to the devil again. The same as Jordan. And Susan. We think. Maybe? Maybe not?

Days of Our Lives‘ version of the devil really likes possessing people, but can he do the same thing with the souls of the dearly departed?

To muddy things a bit further, in the current issue of Soap Opera Digest, headwriter Ron Carlivati teased the afterlife storyline by saying, ““We had quite a bit of fun trying to figure out who they might meet up with in the afterworld and who might be an ally or who might be a villain that we could play. I don’t want to give away too much, but these women will encounter some familiar faces.”

Is it the real Adrienne just being controlled by the devil? Is it some other trick or a test of some kind? Whoever’s behind this said that wasn’t Adrienne, but were they lying? And is this the devil the mastermind after all? The end of Friday’s episode left it vague as to who “It’s you,” was as “Susan” revealed her true self off-screen.

Still, Satan seems like the best bet… and he is the Father of Lies. But we’re really hoping the obvious twist isn’t what’s going on.

But if it truly wasn’t Adrienne, it sounds like there’s still room for “some familiar faces,” so will we be seeing the real Adrienne before this saga is over? It would seem such a horrible shame to waste a reunion like this on a trick. So right now, we’re going to cross our fingers and hope that one way or another our beloved Adrienne will make an appearance!

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