judi evans DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- “Day of Days” November 19th, 2021 Los Angeles, CA -- Pictured in this screengrab: Judi Evans -- (Photo by: NBC)
Credit: NBC

We guess some love never dies.

We have to hand it to Days of Our Lives. Friday’s episode served up not just one surprise but two right in a row! First, we got our beloved Adrienne back to guide Kayla through her heavenly journey, then we found out that it was actually the devil in disguise once again! We think. Things are a bit fuzzy right now.

Still, it was a nice callback to Judi Evans’ first Days of Our Lives‘ character before Bonnie took over. But longtime soap viewers know that Adrienne was not Evans’ first soap opera character! That honor goes to Guiding Light’s Beth Raines, whom Evans originated back in 1983, three years before Justin’s future wife ever appeared in Salem.

And while it’s hard to think of Beth with anyone but Phillip, for a time, while the Spaulding heir was tied to Mindy, Beth moved on with Vincent Irizarry’s Lujack. And that made it all the more special when Evans and Irizarry reunited at a soap opera fan event and decided to recapture a bit of the magic from their Guiding Light days!

The two posed in near pitch-perfect recreations of a series of Beth and Lujack photo shoots and when Evans shared the results on Instagram, we couldn’t help but feel our hearts skip a beat or two!

“Beth and Lujack 4Ever,” she wrote on the post, which you can scroll through yourself below!

Evans’ current on-screen hubby, Wally Kurth, whose Justin is married to her Bonnie got a kick out of the flashback. “Ha love it,” he wrote. “Neither one of you have changed a bit!”

And that may be, but some Days of Our Lives fans saw things quite a bit differently…

“Adrienne,” Ndamba Dumigos replied in mock horror, “what are you doing? That is Deimos!”

Daryth Carlin Parker laughed along and agreed, “That’s all I see here. Days of Our Lives fan forever!”

Fair enough, devoted Salem visitors. Fair enough!

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