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Nothing stays the same forever.

Back when Days of Our Lives first shifted from NBC to Peacock in the fall, the shift was so sudden and unexpected, even those making the show weren’t aware it was going to happen. And as for the transition itself, other than shifting where fans could watch it, nothing else changed.

The soap shoots so far in advance, there were months of episodes already written and filmed in the can. As Kyle Lowder (Rex) tells, “We were shooting episodes for Peacock that we thought we were still shooting for NBC.”

But still, the move came so fast, even the actors weren’t sure what was ahead.

“I just kind of had a moment where I was like ‘Is this it?’” he admits. “We’re going to throw you on Peacock. Run free, then you’re going to be cancelled.’ But that is apparently not the case. Peacock has been so supportive to us and so far, the fans have followed us.’”

In fact, fans have followed enough that apparently, Robert Scott Wilson (Alex) told TVLine, Days of Our Lives is the number one Peacock show.

On her couch, Allie and Alex raise beer bottles.

Cheers to taking the top spot on Peacock!

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And now that they’ve settled in, Stephen Nichols (Steve) shares, a lot of that worry has dissipated.

“The energy has changed,” he notes. “For many years now, we’ve been on the [renewal] bubble, year to year. At the end of every cycle, everybody’s nervous. ‘Are we going to be picked up?’ Now it’s much more energy going on. They want it to work. The numbers are good.”

And that is great news. The show’s thrived on its new home and we’ve even made it through the NBC-filmed episodes to the Peacock stuff. And that means Days of Our Lives is growing, evolving and yes, even changing.

As Tina Huang (Trask) puts it, “Because it’s streaming, it’s really exciting because it’s opened the door to some things that maybe we couldn’t do before.”

“The storylines are getting a little bit more… edgy,” Stacy Haiduk (Kristen) adds.

Now edgy doesn’t mean just piling in the sex and the drugs and the scandal. But it might mean tackling some topics the show may not have before. And with a show that tackled abortion and a threesome with episodes written for NBC, the sky seems to be the limit with what kinds of storylines they might try out now. And that’s not a bad thing if Days of Our Lives can expand its story-telling repertoire a bit more.

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The stories so far have been Kristen behaving?!

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Plus, this doesn’t mean the show is suddenly transforming overnight.

It’s “A slow transition,” Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) jokes, “Like in two years’ time, it’s probably going to be Euphoria.”

“No, come on guys,” Camila Banus (Gabi) is quick to reassure us. “Whoever’s reading this, we’re not doing that!”

OK, whew! Noted. The changes are much less seismic than turning it into an HBO drama. “It’s a very subtle transition with the acting and the writing,” Feuerriegel explains. “There are a few little differences. Like I was able to swear the other day.”

Oh, what did he get to say? The “S-word,” of course! That, Camila Banus (Gabi) adds, is the big one that everyone can say now. But not much farther. “We’re trying,” she explains, “to keep the essence of the show.”

And that seems to be the theme, even as the stars talk about being able to curse (“I used the ‘a-hole’ word for the first time in ten years,” Martha Madison admits). Days of Our Lives is still Days of Our Lives. Streaming shows are not by default full of f-bombs and sex and nudity. There’s no reason this will be any different.

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Let’s be honest. Things could get pretty racy over on NBC.

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“Going to Peacock,” Lowder explains, “I think there’s a little more leeway to go a little racier because we’re not under network restrictions anymore. Whether it be curse words or love scenes or storylines, you can push them a little, but not lose their identity.”

“As long as the show sticks with what got us here,” he continues, “family values, love stories, relationships — you’re not alienating the fanbase that you have. We’re going to be here another 50 years.”

And that’s what we’re hoping for! The show hasn’t made it this long by staying stagnant and boring. There was a time, after all, when storylines talking about cancer were taboo and interracial couples caused such an uproar, Eli’s parents weren’t even allowed to stay together. Times change and shows change with them. So here’s hoping for another 50 years of Days of Our Lives!

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