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And honestly, we aren’t even mad about it.

If there’s one thing we know about Days of Our Lives’ Salem, it’s that the town has seen everything. Hyperbole? Maybe, but after watching Deidre Hall, Mary Beth Evans and Lauren Koslow play a game of “Never Have I Ever,” we’re pretty sure it’s not much of a stretch!

Marlena, Kayla and Kate’s performers sit down to play with a glass of their preferred drink in the show’s latest YouTube video and it’s a hilarious blast from start to finish!

And while Evans is delightfully familiar with the rules of the game, the other ladies need a few gentle reminders a time or two. Or as Evans puts it as she looks straight at the camera, “We’re going to keep talking about the rules. They don’t get the rules around here.”

Marlena’s gilded cage comes up, there’s debate over whether the DiMera tunnels counted as a basement and Hall even takes us on a walk down Memory Lane with “the alien twins.” (“What are you laughing at? That’s no joke.”)

One stumper, though, comes when asked who had been married more than three times. First off, there’s the question of whether it counts as being with the same person. If it does, Marlena and Kayla both hit that one. Then there’s just such a difficult time keeping track of weddings, almost-weddings and non-weddings.

And when the question of surgery came up, Koslow pointed out that Evans has taken every organ out at this point.

“I’ve taken a lot of chips out,” Evans muttered. “There’s been a lot of chips in the brains.” But no, no, Kayla does it all. Babies, transplants — “Just don’t use our lab.”

No worries there! Everyone knows that hospital has zero security on its lab!

And when asked if they’d ever come back from the dead… Well, you’ll just have to watch the reaction to that one.

As Koslow declares: “Next!”

Check out the full video below.

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