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Isn’t that always the way?

It’s true “Stabi” fans, as of the end of today’s episode, Days of Our Lives’ Dr. Rolf is back in Salem, ready to undo the mess he made of Stefan’s brain. It’s been a long, strange journey to get here, but Gabi doesn’t give up. And now, she’s about to get her wish! Or is she?

For one thing, this is Salem, and things never happen the easy way. For another, Camila Banus broke the deprogramming down a bit in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest… and things aren’t looking great.

She knows she’s not exactly giving Dr. Rolf the chance to perform his procedure under the best circumstances — or with the best equipment. This pretty much a last-ditch, hail Mary attempt to get “her” Stefan back. Though she’s also convinced that it’s just the right thing to do so her ex-husband isn’t living a lie. How much of that is self-delusion, though, is a bit up in the air.

“Gabi’s definitely concerned,” Banus told Digest. “Even though she knows she’s doing the right thing, she doesn’t want to put Stefan’s life in danger.”

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Stefan’s headache may be about to get a whole lot worse.

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And even under the best of circumstances, deprogramming could be dangerous. Dr. Rolf’s methods aren’t exactly cleared by any medical board and his equipment is not FDA approved. And these are not the best of circumstances. Rolf’s working with makeshift equipment, Banus noted, in the DiMera basement.

And once he gets started, the sparks literally start to fly. Is it a metaphor for what’s about to reignite between Stefan and Gabi, or is his brain just flat out frying? That’s a question that Gabi can’t even answer when it’s finished and they pull Stefan out.

“Gabi thinks that Dr. Rolf may have wiped Stefan’s entire memory completely,” Banus previewed. And she tries to get him to remember who he is and (perhaps most importantly to her) who she is. “This could be Gabi’s sheer bliss moment, the moment she has been waiting for for five years.”

But if she just wiped out all traces of the man she loved, what then? Heck, at that point, we might as well just call him a triplet, because he’ll be a blank slate with Stefan’s body, Jake’s heart and, for all we know, an entirely new personality.

On the plus side, at least he wouldn’t have a hatred for Gabi programmed in him? So hey, maybe she could work her way back into his — er, Jake’s — heart. Though knowing she was the one who wiped out his identity might not exactly endear Gabi to NuStefan.

And the rest of the DiMeras probably won’t be thrilled with her either. And having that entire family ticked at her may be even more than Gabi could handle.

Then again, if the procedure does work, what then? We don’t see her being happy with anything less than moving herself back into the DiMera mansion with Stefan. And then, of course, remarrying him.

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Whether this works or not, EJ is likely to be furious with Gabi.

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EJ, though, might have a few (uncharitable) thoughts on living with Gabi. And unless this magical re-found love for Gabi convinces Stefan to give up his revenge on his brother, he’s still going to be plotting against EJ. The one change if he falls for Gabi again is he’d probably want to bring her in on his plans.

So if Stefan’s gunning for his brother and control of DiMera and EJ’s fighting to keep Gabi out of the family, the house and the company, her dreamed of success could end up getting very messy for her. We all saw what happened when EJ and Ava devolved into all-out war. Can you imagine how bad things could get if Gabi lost her mind?

And then there’s Kristen. She may have been arrested, but her Stefan pawn moves on from Chloe, she’s not likely to be happy either. Because we’re pretty sure she’s delusional enough that she still thinks she’s got a chance with Brady!

In short, whether her desperate move works or not, Gabi could be in a for a nightmare. Then again, that seems to be when she shines the most!

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