Camila Banus "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 09/29/21 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 14284 U.S.Airdate 02/28/22
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

This scene really tested her.

Gabi is a woman on a mission on Days of Our Lives right now. Just as she decided was about to give up on Stefan — give up on love — Wendy swooped in with an apology and some much-needed words of encouragement. Gabi Hernandez does not give up. She pushes on and makes things happen.

And so does Camila Banus.

In Gabi’s case, making things happen means bonking Stefan on the head, knocking him out and refusing to give him a choice about getting deprogrammed. That may not be entirely what Wendy had in mind, but Gabi’s never exactly been one who worried too much about what’s “right” and “wrong.”

That knockout scene, though, was particularly challenging for Banus and when a fan shared the photo from the below scene on Instagram, the actress took to her stories to explain what happened.

Gabi swings a Phoenix statue behind Stefan. Looking dazed, he falters from the DiMera wet bar.

“Fun fact,” she wrote. “This dress was a nightmare with wardrobe. My bra kept showing in the small middle circle, so my idea was to just have the coat on as much as possible.”

In the next slide, she shared a zoomed in look at the dress, the circle in the middle of it and, indeed, her bra. Coat or no coat, it apparently still made a brief appearance that day!

With that said, we’d have to say this wasn’t just a smart wardrobe decision, but a good storyline decision. After all it is the dead of winter in Salem… well, whichever state it’s in. But the point is, even if they’re having an unusually warm winter, it’s probably still coat weather. Gabi just broke in from coming out in the cold — why would she take her coat off to knock Stefan out?

If anything, this little wardrobe malfunction made the scene work! Now whether Gabi can make her plan work… that’s another matter.

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