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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

“I’ve never seen Sonny get dark.”

On Days of Our Lives, Sonny has always been the guy next door — charming, responsible, and loving. Zach Tinker adores playing those characteristics, but admits that he wouldn’t mind taking his alter ego to a place he’s never really been: the dark side!

Of course, in Salem, there are good guys and bad guys, and Sonny is pretty firmly established as being one of the former. And while Tinker likes the idea of exploring what might exist just beneath Sonny’s sunny exterior, he gets why it might be a tough sell. Why? “Because I like making things make sense,” he admits. Which means Sonny can’t simply wake up one morning and decide it might be a good day to go out and cause havoc in the lives of his neighbors!

In Horton Square, a scowling Sonny points his finger in a stoic Leo's face.

Like viewers, Tinker is big on things making sense… even in the context of a world in which people routinely don masks that allow them to become someone else. In fact, one recent story gave him pause.

“I was ‘eh’ about the Leo storyline with us being friends again,” admits the actor. “He just drugged me and took pictures of me.” Sure enough, Sonny came to regret giving Leo a second (or would that be third?) chance, especially after his involvement in Bonnie’s kidnapping came to light.

Tinker admits that going dark “isn’t really who Sonny is,” but suggests that there’s a way for it to unfold logically (at least by soap standards). “I would love, maybe, where I got hit on the head and I have amnesia and ‘Dark Sonny’ comes out,” he shares. “I love getting mean and dark.” Should that come to pass, the real question might be whether Sonny would seek revenge on Leo… or perhaps join forces with him!

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