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“I didn’t want to get too caught up in the emotion of it and react.”

It’s the moment Days of Our Lives has been building to for weeks — if not months! Ever since Orpheus first put his plan in motion at the end of the summer, Kate, Kayla and Marlena’s lives have had an expiration date. The first two have been gone for a couple weeks now… and next week, it’s Marlena’s time has come!

Deidre Hall talked about her farewell scenes a bit in the most recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, saying that Marlena dies with John and Belle by her side. (But seriously, where’s Sami at this point?)

“It’s tender and romantic,” Hall said of John’s farewell. “It’s heartfelt. Marlena feels gratitude for her life with John, the depth of the love she shared with him.”

They flash back on their love story in what amounts to not just a love letter to them, but also the fans. And both Drake Hogestyn and Martha Madison knock it out of the park as John and Belle mourn Marlena. In fact, their performances nearly moved Hall to tears — while she was supposed to be dead!

John kisses Marlena's head as she lies in a hospital bed

“Those are two actors who are very good at doing that,” Hall noted proudly. “Martha is unsurpassed in doing emotional scenes and communicating deep feelings.”

And they are genuine goodbyes. Because that’s when Marlena leaves her earthly body and rises up to a place that sure seems a whole heck of a lot like heaven. She’s lost, she’s confused and then she meets… Susan Banks?

And that may be the biggest surprise of the whole story! We guess for all of the fans doubts that EJ’s mom truly died, Ava truly did kill her. But now we can’t help wondering if that will stick.

As touching as these scenes are going to be, we know Marlena’s heading back down to Salem one way or another. We also know she runs into Kate and Kayla, and we’re all but certain both of them will join her. (Kate’s cremation explanation better at least be fun.)

But what if Susan joins them as well? She could just be a heavenly guide — heck, maybe that’ll be her role from now on. Bo certainly isn’t up there anymore to get involved in his loved-ones’ lives. But this could also be her ticket back to Salem. A stretch? Maybe, but if Kayla and Kate have been dead for a little while and can come back, and Bo can return after years, why not Susan?

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God and the devil do battle, Bo brings Tripp back from the brink of death and Dr. Rolf removes and implants love at will. This is par for the course.

And Susan’s return could just be the beginning. If she’s not dead, then maybe, just maybe we can get Ava back too. She was clearly not in her right mind at all, and if she didn’t actually kill anyone, there’s still a chance for her character.

Either way, get the tissues ready and prepare yourself for some powerful performances! It’s clear that this story’s still got a few twists left in it.

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