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“I remember… like it was yesterday.”

Longtime fans of Days of Our Lives’ Alison Sweeney (Sami) may recall when she appeared on the now defunct game show Celebrity Fear Factor 2 back in March 2002. Those who watched the series know that contestants were challenged to some very scary stunts and were dared to take part in some equally — if not scarier — situations. For Sweeney, that experience was one she won’t soon forget.

A Twitter user, Kyle Tann, shared a screenshot of the actress being covered in cockroaches while lying inside a glass enclosure, to which Sweeney replied, “OMG. I remember those cockroaches like it was yesterday.” She also recalled how host Joe Rogan “ate one!”

So, what led to Rogan eating that big, nasty cockroach? As shown in the video below, during the same episode, Sweeney had been dared to eat an earthworm. Rogan gave the soap star a little pep talk and agreed to eat a cockroach if she ate a couple of worms and reminded her that it was all for the charity she had been playing for.

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“I can’t believe I am doing this,” Sweeney said. “This is so wrong.” Nonetheless, she plugged her nose and chopped down that worm like it a champ. The second one was a little harder to get down but in the end, she did it and Rogan had to eat a live cockroach.

Relive how it all went down…

After watching that video, we can see why Sweeney remembers her time on the NBC series “like it was yesterday.”

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Video: Fear Factor/Facebook