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“That’s the one thing Kristen has never had… a real love story.”

While Days of Our Lives fans have been debating the future of Kristen and Brady, there’s one person who is 100% sure that they belong together: Stacy Haiduk. She understands the layers of hurt that Kristen has experienced over the years — and yes, her character has done terrible things — but the actress wants everyone to understand where it’s coming from.

Kristen, she explains, ” is so afraid to be vulnerable because she doesn’t want to get hurt again and she doesn’t trust anyone.” And if there’s one thing, she wants in life, it is a certain scruffy hunk. “She and Brady… it’s the one relationship she wants,” Haiduk sighs. “She has to chase after it. Now she has a daughter, a family that she wants to have. He’s being an absolute D-I-C-K. He’s not seeing it but I, as Kristen, see it very clearly.”

At the wedding, Kristen stands next to Brady and holds out her phone for a selfie.

Take a picture, girl, ’cause that’ll probably last longer than any of Brady’s relationships.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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She thinks Brady isn’t “being very bright” and needs to “come back and find the love she has to give.” Haiduk even keeps tabs on where Brady went wrong in the past, quipping, “When she was in jail, he kissed Chloe and he thinks, ‘Oh, it’s nothing.’ And then they make it all my fault, are you kidding me? She just gets more and more frustrated. She can’t believe it! He doesn’t see it, and he’s not willing to talk about it.”

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As Haiduk sees it, Kristen and Brady are endgame. “Let’s get real about it. That unavailability makes you want to pursue it more. It’s unhealthy and that’s the one thing Kristen has never had… a real love story,” she muses. “Just that moment where you have that deep love, and the other person is finding it and they’re with you on it. And then you can flip and switch it.” But of course, there’s a big difference between wanting something and actually getting it… especially given everything that’s gone down between these two!

After flipping through the gallery below detailing Brady’s love life, Kristen might just want to think about finding another guy who’s a little less unlucky in the romance department!