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Would they even stand a chance against this?

Gabi is a woman on a mission on Days of Our Lives, and as Tuesday’s episode made clear, it’s a single-minded, self-serving one that had her pushing to pester Marlena on her death bed! Gabi wants Stefan’s brainwashing undone yesterday, and Marlena, she figures is her best option.

Brady, though, didn’t exactly agree, even if Stefan moving from Chloe back to Gabi could help him. Heck, Stefan didn’t even agree, laying into his ex-wife about worrying only about herself as Marlena fought for her life.

That selfishness clearly isn’t doing her any favors with Stefan, even though she’s trying to pass it off as wanting what’s best for him as well. But in the end, her self-serving nature was something he was able to get beyond before. And if Stefan’s brainwashing is undone, it may be something he can get beyond once again.

In the Square, Stefan points and yells at Gabi.

“Do you know what this is, Gabi? Me playing the world’s smallest violin. And it’s not easy!”

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But recalling his feelings for Gabi doesn’t mean he’s going to lose what’s grown with Chloe in the time since he’s returned. And if there’s a tug-o-war between the two women in his heart, it may come down to one deciding factor: a baby.

Wait, what baby?

Though Brady just made his big move on Tuesday, planting a passionate kiss on Chloe after she admitted she was just overwhelmed by everything that’s happened, she initially turned a reunion with him down because it was too late. Her feelings for Stefan were real. So real in fact, that they finally slept together.

And you know what that means. Cue pregnancy in three… two… one.

A downcast Chloe wears a robe while sitting on her Miami hotel bed. Wearing a t-shirt and boxer briefs, a compassionate looking Stefan rests his hand on her arm.

“I know it was only once, Chloe, but DiMera men are very fertile.”

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Does anyone doubt that we’re about to go there — especially after Kristen explained why she was so desperate to hold onto Brady by telling Stefan, “If you had a child, you’d understand.”

The writing is on the wall in big, bold letters and there are just so many levels here to play. Brady and Chloe would likely be back together by the time the news came out, tearing them apart once more.

And even if Gabi and Stefan do make their way back to each other, that would always be in Gabi’s mind. She’s had to deal with the fact that she can’t have any more children, thanks to Abigail. Chloe, though, can. And she’d be giving Stefan a child. How could that not weigh on Gabi’s mind?

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Would Gabi pull a “Nicole” and have a talk with Chloe about how difficult it would be being a single mother while the father was with someone else? That’s doubtful. For one thing, Chloe ‘s already been down this road. For another, Gabi knows all too well the pain of not being able to have a child — self-serving and underhanded as she can be, she wouldn’t try talking another woman into giving up her baby. (Hopefully.)

And Stefan? He was the lost, forgotten DiMera (well, one of them). He may want power, but he’s not the villain his father was. When he first showed up in Salem, he’d just changed his entire name to claim his birthright and be acknowledged by his family that he was one of them.

Brady and Chloe kiss at the hospital.

That’s not exactly a fond embrace she’s got for Brady…

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If he married Chloe, he could ensure their child a legitimacy and a sense of belonging in the family that he never had. Daddy Stefano may have had no problem with affairs and illegitimate children left and right, but that doesn’t mean Stefan would want to follow his lead. In the end, it would likely come down to Chloe’s choice, but would she really want to go back to Brady after everything he put her through? If he’d just opened up to her to begin with, the chance of this happening would’ve been non-existent.

Maybe once Stefan got his memories back, he would have feelings for Gabi once again. But when it comes right down to it, things may have already gone too far for them ever to reunite again.

Well, at least there’s always Li waiting in the wings to take Gabi back, right?

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