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“I love you, Boo.”

No way, no how could Days of Our Lives’ Brandon Barash (Stefan) let the occasion of daughter Harper’s birthday go by without acknowledging it. So “(not so) lil’ one turned 9?! last weekend,” he marveled on Instagram. “The opportunity to be her Daddy has been nothing short of life-changing. She’s made a man outta me.”

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Father/daughter bonding in 2014…

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Not only that, but she has made a more fashionable man of Barash, who was formerly wed to Harper’s mom Kirsten Storms, Maxie to his Johnny on General Hospital. “She’s taught me so much… for instance, her style,” Dad exclaimed. “I mean, there are boogers in her nose that have more style and swag than I’ll ever have.”

Laughing that he ex was “such a dad,” Storms replied that Harper “will be mortified if she learns you mentioned her boogers on Instagram.” But he did call them stylish boogers, at least. And isn’t embarrassing their kids what dads are for?

As if it hadn’t been obvious throughout Barash’s fun, funny post, he concluded it by telling Harper, “I love you, Boo.”

Just before Christmas, the actor tied the knot with fiancée Isabella Devoto. They had become engaged a year earlier — with an assist from Harper. As a matter of fact, she kinda sorta brought together the couple.

Devoto was the little girl’s Spanish teacher at summer camp, Barash told Soap Opera Digest. They “basically fell in love before we did,” he said. “They hit it off really well, spent a lot of time together after summer camp and developed a very special relationship.”

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