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He just can’t help himself, can he?

While we’ve been focused on Kate, Marlena and Kayla dying on Days of Our Lives, it looks like there may be one more casualty of Orpheus and Kristen’s machinations than we thought. Because Alex’s relationship with Stephanie may be about to crash and burn on the runway before it ever really took off.

Alex had apparently finally had enough of Chad interrupting his Stephanie time. Because when his competition tried calling her phone, Alex switched it off behind Steph’s back. That would be something petty, but not necessarily relationship-damaging — if it weren’t for the fact that Chad was trying to let Stephanie know that Kayla was dying!

Cut to this week, and according to spoilers, things are looking increasingly dire for Alex and Stephanie. Chad struggled to get through to Stephanie with the news because, you know, Alex decided she should be kept in the dark. And by the end of the week, Chad is the one supporting Stephanie while Alex is struggling with what he’s done.

Alex, Robert Scott Wilson tells, has been struggling to become a better person ever since meeting Stephanie. But the key word there is struggle. And as he’s gotten over the pushy, no-means-yes ladies’ man, he’s kind of morphed into something else. And it’s not all for the better.

“Jealous, insecure, territorial,” Alex told Stephanie just last week, “I’m not that guy. Or at least, I wasn’t that guy until I met you.”

In the park, Chad stands with Thomas and Charlotte. They face a grinning Alex, who turns toward Stephanie.

If three’s a crowd, Alex has even less patience for five!

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OK, that’s not a great thing to admit. Alex basically gone from one set of toxic traits before meeting Stephanie to another after falling for her.

He’s “got a lot of things he needs to work on,” Wilson admits to “He’s going to be in therapy for a little while.”

“He had it too easy for too long,” the actor continues, “and he was too used to having his cake and eating it too. And not to say he won’t screw that up still. You’ve got to go through it.”

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Well, screw it up is exactly what he’s just done! Because with his latest little snit over Chad, Alex cost Stephanie what should have been her last few moments with her mother. Chad had to burst in on the couple as they made love, but that wasn’t enough. Kayla flatlined just before Stephanie made it in — and that was entirely Alex’s fault!

Plus, by Thursday, Alex has clearly given Chad the opportunity to be the caring, supportive friend that Stephanie needs. Is this going to be the end of this budding couple? Maybe, at least, for a time… But even if it is, that doesn’t mean they’ll never happen.

“The whole idea behind these romance stories is to fight for love,” Wilson explains. “Because even when you get it, it still could get ripped away from you and you’ve got to fight for it. Alex has got to earn it.”

Well, he and Stephanie certainly seemed to find love, but if he loses it right now, we’d be hard pressed to say it was ripped away. It’s more that Alex blew it with his possessive insecurity. And Wilson’s aware of that, even if Alex might be struggling.

At the hospital, Kayla falls back into Rex and Steve.

If Kayla doesn’t make it, Alex may just be toast.

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“It’s time to grow up,” the actor notes. “That’s not to say it’s going to happen overnight. But just as we redeemed Ben for killing people, we’re redeeming Alex.”

In short, no matter what happens, don’t count Alex and Stephanie out just yet! Because he’s still got a lot of growing to do and when it’s all over, he may finally be someone who actually deserves her!

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