Paul Telfer bear sighting Days
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Is there any hope left?

It’s funny how much of a difference a few days can make. Just last week, we were saying goodbye to 2022, looking forward hopefully to 2023 and opining about how Days of Our Lives‘ “Xarah” fans shouldn’t give up on their beloved couple just yet. Sure, Sarah’s discovery of Xander’s kidnapping, duplicity and, let’s face it, accessory to murder was not sitting well with her, but in Salem love, we insisted, finds a way

Cut to the new week and the new year and Sarah, despite a pep talk from Maggie insisting that with love, mistakes can be forgiven, decided that she needed a divorce. Xander and Sarah’s marriage looks like it’ll be so short, we have a feeling even Rafe will feel bad for them!

With that said, the divorce hasn’t happened yet, and love may, still, find a way… But should it?

We have our doubts, but even Paul Telfer doesn’t seem to think so anymore.

Along with his regularly tweeted “Theme Tune” (Wednesday’s episode was Santa Esmeralda’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”), Telfer quoted a snippet from philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. “‘That which is done out of love is always beyond good and evil.’”

In other words, if Xander committed horrible deeds out of his love for Sarah, then they couldn’t truly be bad. Telfer, though, made clear that he didn’t exactly agree with that when he added, “Dunno if Xander reads much Nietzsche, but that seems to be the flimsy excuse he (and the ‘Xarah’ diehards) are reaching for…”

Yikes. But there was even more.

When a “Xarah” fan responded saying that they don’t actually believe that Xander did what he did out of love this time, there was still hope, Telfer defended his character — kind of.

“I don’t think it’s the wrong interpretation of his motivation,” he insisted of Xander. “I’m sure he thinks (more accurately, rationalizes) that he does the terrible/dumb things he does out of love. But the point is that he still deserves his comeuppance and — at this point — does not deserve Sarah!”

Well, there you have it, Xander deserves to face punishment and lose Sarah!

And it’s kind of hard to disagree. If nothing else, Xander may need to hit rock bottom before he stops pretending to change his ways and actually does it. And though he’s been laid low before — like when he thought Sarah had left him during his kidnapping — clearly, it wasn’t low enough to get him to stop doing terrible things!

Telfer did hedge his bets a bit by adding the “at this point,” so maybe, just maybe if Xander finally learns something from all this, he could deserve a good person like Sarah once again. But right now, it looks like even he’s fed up with Xander’s antics!

What do you think? Is he wrong? Do even the hardcore “Xarah” fans believe they should be together at this point?

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