Dan Feuerriegel Emmys Days
Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Absolutely stunning, darling.

Lately, we have to admit, it’s seemed almost like Days of Our Lives‘ EJ has been undergoing something of a makeover. It’s not a physical one, of course. He looks as dashingly debonair as always, but he has seemed to have softened a bit since Susan’s death. But just, mind you, a bit.

While he opened his home to Nicole and Holly in what seemed to be a genuinely heartfelt place of friendship, he’s since moved on to happily encouraging his ex to hop into bed with him as a way to get over Eric. It’s very much an EJ move and not the healthiest reason to reunite, but maybe this time they’ll both show a bit more maturity in their relationship!

Meanwhile, out in the real world, Dan Feuerriegel got a little makeover of his own — and this was a hilariously physical one! It has, after all, been the holidays, so we’ve all been spending more time with our families. And for Feuerriegel, that means “Quality time with the nieces” and letting them do a little styling!

“I really didn’t have a choice,” the actor admitted in his Instagram post showcasing his niece’s work, “but damn I look Bew-T-Full!”

Some combing, a little beard grooming, a few ties place and we do have to say the end result is certainly… voluminous! Check it out below.

We were having trouble putting our finger on what exactly made the whole clip so perfect, but Victoria Konefal (ex-Ciara) knew right away!

“It’s the song for me,” she said of Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” playing over the whole montage. “I know this life all too well.”

“I am a living doll,” Feuerriegel replied, after which Konefal got another catchy, ridiculous song stuck in our heads. “Just a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world.”

And with that, we’re out of here. But not before leaving you with these wise words: Come on, Barbie, let’s go party.

You’re welcome.

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