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This cannot be good.

How far is too far? That’s what Days of Our Lives fans have been debating when it comes to Eric’s dark turn and his almost comically blasé kidnapping of Rachel. And even though he convinced Brady to go along with it, the exact way it’s been going down hasn’t been sitting well with Rachel’s dad. Using Sloan an unwitting accomplice?! Eek, good luck with that, Eric.

Now Sami’s twin brother has always been a decent guy, more or less, but he hasn’t exactly always been someone who makes good choices. He was, after all, the man whose drinking and driving killed Daniel. And he all but abandoned his marriage to Nicole, just disappearing to the other side of the world until their relationship collapsed.

So, it might be a little generous to say he’s a good guy. But he’s certainly never set out to hurt people before. And that’s why fan response has been divided over whether Eric’s scheming has gone too far or not. But hidden in that debate may be a whole new problem no one ever saw coming…

First off, there are those like Hall Monitor who feel nothing but joy in seeing Kristen suffer — especially at the hands of Eric. As they tweeted, “I’m glad Eric is getting to speak up and exact a little revenge as a rape survivor. I don’t feel sorry for Kristen one bit.”

Others weren’t feeling quite as eager for revenge — though they do support a bit more of an edge to Eric.

TeamChadAndAbby, for instance, tweeted that yes, “Eric needs to make more mistakes and not be such a goody goody, but this kidnapping scheme is taking it too far! There has to be some middle ground! Eric is not the ‘go big or go home’ type of character.”

Heck, for Eric to have a plan that even makes mister bury-Vivian-alive-Brady uneasy, you know we’re in uncharted territory.

And though they definitely seem to be in the minority, some fans appeared to feel that terrifying a mother like Brady and Eric are doing with this kidnapping plot was just too far and too dark.

ChristineLeStrange didn’t mince her words as she tweeted her displeasure calling the scheming brothers “hypocrites” — among other things!

“Brady and Eric are disgusting,” she wrote. “I don’t care what Kristen has done, they are showing they are no better than her.”

And in the end, that last sentiment may end up being the most important one — not for fans, mind you, but for the future of Kristen and Brady. And yes, we do mean a future together.

Absurd, right? Brady agreed to go along with this crazy plan and when he got annoyed with Eric for pushing forward without warning him (and leaving Rachel with Sloan, of all people), he insisted that he was still committed to doing anything to get Kristen out of their lives. And that’s great, but we’ve all danced to this tune before.

This is Brady we’re talking about.

They fell for each other when Kristen seduced him to use as revenge on John. Finding out all her machinations didn’t stop him from heading to the altar with her. Her rape of Eric, though, did put the two on ice… at least for a time! Because years later, Rachel brought them back together, Eric’s suffering or not! And it brought them back together after Rachel was conceived while Kristen was impersonating Nicole — essentially raping Brady.

Rachel brought them together before after countless horrendous things that Kristen did to Brady and his family. And that’s why, as crazy as we may have viewed her whole orchid blackmail scheme, it made sense that Kristen might think it could work. But she was missing one key ingredient — and that was Brady seeing her as an actual vulnerable human being.

Kristen pleads with Brady on Days of Our Lives

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This kidnapping could be enough to crack the wall Brady’s put up if he starts, even for a second feeling bad for Kristen’s panicked heartbreak over Rachel’s kidnapping. She wouldn’t just be a villainous caricature anymore, but a worried mother. Whatever else comes, that could be all Kristen needs to work her way back into his heart.

Because, once again, this is Brady we’re talking about.

While fans are busy debating whether or not Eric’s gone too far, he might just be the red herring in all this. In the end, the real danger might be Brady… and how far he could end up going with Kristen once again.

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