Gabi tells Stefan he still loves her Days
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Time is up for one of the ladies in Salem.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of January 2 – 6, the new year brings big surprises and a shocking death. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

As Li and Gabi’s wedding day arrived, Chloe and Stefan jetted off to Miami to ring in New Year’s down south. At their wedding, Rolf called Li up to warn him the temporary drug he gave Gabi to forget he told her about Stefan could wear off at any moment, and it did, but not until after Gabi and Li had said, “I do.” A furious Gabi recalled that Li had Stefan brainwashed to forget he loved her and even accused him of trying to kill her former husband. Gabi quickly took off to Miami. This week,  Gabi bursts into Chloe and Stefan’s Miami hotel room just as they were about to passionately ring in New Year’s in bed. She informs Stefan that he still loves her!

Back in Salem, the tension between Chad and Alex over Stephanie continues to rise, as Alex lets Chad know that he and Stephanie are together. Apparently, that doesn’t sit well with Stephanie, who lets Alex know that she’s nobody’s property!

Also coming up, Marlena vents to John that Kristen is an evil bitch, while Brady and Kristen have a stare-down. Eric and Brady have been plotting to have Eric kidnap Rachel, well take her on a vacation with Uncle Eric, and then use that to force Kristen to give up the orchid that is the cure for the toxins Orpheus gave to Kate, Kayla and Marlena.

Rex is back in Salem just in time, as his temporary fix for the poisoned women has run its course. Kayla faints at the hospital, while Kate passes out at the Brady pub, and both are hospitalized. Kayla tells Steve that she’s scared, and Kate senses the effects of the toxin are happening faster this time.

Finally, Marlena warns Kristen if Kayla and Kate don’t make it through this then it’s all on her. And the promo ends with Rex calling the time of death for one of the women.

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