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“Those scenes were brutal.”

We should have known that we hadn’t seen the last of the virus which not so long ago threatened to steal the lives of several Salem residents. Although Days of Our Lives‘ Rex managed to beat the disease into submission, it’s about to rear its ugly head again… and this time, at least one of the victims will lose the fight both of and for their life!

According to Soap Opera Digest, the trouble begins when Rex runs a few follow-up tests on his mom, just to make sure her recovery is going as planned. As it turns out, that’s definitely not the case. The next thing you know, she’s back in the hospital and Rex is in full freak-out mode… especially after he has a few tests run on Kayla, who was also a victim of the virus.

“This doesn’t look good at all,” shares his portrayer, Kyle Lowder. “Things are going in the wrong direction. Rex’s worst fears are being realized as the results are coming in that this is a relapse!”

Things move quickly at that point, with Rex and Roman at Kate’s bedside as her condition deteriorates. Meanwhile, Eric and Brady step up their plot to get the life-saving orchid from Kristen, but it could prove too late. (It doesn’t much help that Brady keeps feeling guilty about the tactics he and Eric are using. Does the dude not realize that desperate times call for desperate measures? Perhaps he needs reminded that were the shoe on the other foot, Kristen wouldn’t feel one tiny bit of guilt about doing whatever needed to be done!)

With somber expressions, a fully clothed Roman holds Kate, who wears silk pajamas, in bed.

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Unfortunately, it looks as if any and all efforts may prove too late where Kate’s concerned. “Before [Rex] can really do anything,” previews Lowder, “his mom flatlines!”

Although Roman urges Rex to do something, anything, to save Kate, it appears there’s nothing to be done. “Those scenes were brutal, personally, to shoot,” admits Lowder. Of course, this being Salem, we can’t help but wonder if Kate’s really, most sincerely dead. After all, this isn’t the first (or even second) time the fashionista has supposedly met her maker!

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