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Hold on to your hats, folks.

Why do we have the sinking feeling after Wednesday’s episode that Days of Our Lives‘ ‘Xarah’ is all over but the crying? And the yelling. Oh, we’re picturing so much more yelling.

Because now that Sarah’s busted Xander and Gwen, forcing him to confess all to his wife, this marriage is all but dead in the water. And that seems even more likely since, according to spoilers for next week, Sarah is upset enough with her husband, that she has no problem tearing his world down!

She’s soon going to tell everyone in their life exactly what he’s done, from Maggie to Justin and Bonnie. And if she keeps talking, she may just end up landing him in even more hot water once word gets to law enforcement that Xander was, at the very least, an accessory to Susan’s murder! Then there’s also the fact that Gwen’s been helping him, and we can imagine Sarah would want to make sure she was knocked down a few pegs too and turn her in…

Yeah, it’s not looking good. Or, as Paul Telfer shared after Wednesday’s episode, “Strap in ‘Xarah’ fam, gonna be a bumpy sleigh ride for a bit.”

Sarah has forgiven her husband a lot over the years, over and over again. Heck, the baby swapping she had to forgive him for twice as she learned about it, lost her memories, then learned about it again! And now this? If it’s not a bridge too far, we frankly don’t know what is.

And we all know that once Xander loses Sarah, he goes running to Gwen — especially since they’d already started getting closer while this whole scheme unraveled in slow motion! And once that happens, the chances of Sarah forgiving him grows even slimmer.

But if there’s one thing Days of Our Lives has taught us over the many years it’s been on air, it’s that love conquers all. Steve came back after 16 years of being “dead” to reclaim his life with Kayla. John fought Satan for Marlena. Bo and Hope reunited in heaven (and that was just a prelude to what’s sure to be their real life reunion coming). Couples that are meant to be are meant to be… no matter how big the obstacle is between them.

In their wood paneled motel room, a shirtless and intense Xander holds Sarah's hand.

And this is, admittedly, a huge obstacle. But it’s not death, it’s not the afterlife and it’s not the devil, so really, so how can it possibly hope to keep true love apart?

And maybe, just maybe, it’ll be the kick that Xander needs to not just pretend to have changed for Sarah’s sake, but to actually change and become a better man who doesn’t fall into these old habits over and over again. No, it’s not time to give up hope for ‘Xarah’ just yet.

Because while it may, sadly, not be true in the real world, in Salem, very often, love truly does conquer all.

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