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Is it time to let the chips fall where they may?

The wedding of the year is about to kick off in Salem and, well, if nothing else, we have a feeling Gabi and Li’s Days of Our Lives nuptials will be anything but forgettable! Heck, just by planning it for New Year’s Eve, they were asking for drama — and based on this week’s spoilers, they’re going to get it!

Gabi, as Rafe notes, doesn’t seem to have quite put all of her heart into this wedding. And while we know the ceremony is going to start, we’re less sure about whether or not it’ll finish! Wendy and Johnny are both getting close to cracking and Li’s sister, in particular, looks like she may be the one to spill the big Stefan secret first.

As much as she’s trying to bust him for that, she still loves him. She’s trying to save him. These characters have such a deep sense of respect and admiration for each other that’s really going to show on screen.

Wendy’s been keeping quiet to not cause trouble for her brother, but as Victoria Grace tells Soaps.com, her wanting to bring what he’s done to light isn’t just to bust him, but because she loves him.

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Will Wendy be the first to do the right thing?

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“She’s trying to save him,” Grace explains. “These characters have such a deep sense of respect and admiration for each other that’s really going to show on screen.”

They were taught, she says, by their father to win at all costs. Take, “no prisoners and everyone’s either up above or below. And that’s really hard on anyone.”

But Wendy and Li understand that about each other and love and respect each other. Bringing the truth of Stefan to light might cause problems for Li, yes, but it would also be saving him from himself and his own worst impulses before he heads too far down a dark path. But whether that can override Wendy’s loyalty and desire to keep her brother out of trouble… that’s still unclear.

Even if it does, though, and Wendy blows the whole wedding out of the water, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of Gabi and Li.

“I think Li definitely sees that they can work out,” Remington Hoffman explains to us. “They’re similar. And I think that’s what he’s trying to get Gabi to understand.”

Plus, Li enjoys being with a woman who can and will give as good as she gets. Hoffman adds that “Li also likes [butting heads]. It’s a challenge to constantly keep him engaged and keep him interested. Gabi’s a total powerhouse and Li’s power hungry to the max, so it’s the perfect match for him.”

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Li’s convinced that he and Gabi are the perfect match.

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And while Gabi may not be wholly invested in this relationship, she’s not going into this blindly. In fact, as much as she may have been frustrating us lately as she seems to just shrug off Li’s odd behavior, Camila Banus tells Soaps.com that she’s far more aware than we’ve given her credit for!

“Maybe you’ve been in the situation,” Banus explains, “where you’ve had a couple of failed relationships and you’re feeling a bit negative, you don’t know if you’ll find love, and then a Li Shin comes in. Yeah, he’s a little kooky, maybe he’s got a few things that he’s hiding, but because you have found it so difficult to find love in the past, you’re going to look beyond that because he’s got a lot of great things.”

Gabi “has held high hopes for love and been disappointed many times. And now she’s found this guy who’s ninety percent perfect? He’s hiding something, but she’s going to look the other way because, well, Stefan’s gone, so whatever.”

That doesn’t exactly sound like true love, but it also sounds like Gabi knows she’s getting involved with someone who may not be entirely aboveboard — and she’s OK with that. In fact, she’s going into this wedding with one agenda: Bound and determined to marry Li, faults and all!

Of course, Li ruining her marriage to Stefan is one heck of a big fault and learning that may very likely be a step too far for her! Or… maybe not. After all, Gabi, of all people, understands scheming and manipulation and if she and Stefan don’t work out even after everything comes out, she may be back to looking the other way with Li.

In front of the DiMera Enterprises logo, Gabi and Stefan share a charged look, as he grabs her shoulders.

Is the truth enough to reignite this flame?

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But while lying, plotting, destroying relationships and winning at all costs are all pretty familiar to her and may in time be forgivable, there is one thing she probably can’t get past.

“It’s a tough position for Gabi to be in,” Banus says, “because she’s vulnerable and Gabi doesn’t like to be vulnerable. She likes to be in control.”

And if nothing else, forgiving Li for taking that control away from her may be the one thing she can’t do. But since this is Salem, we have to admit that even when it comes to Gabi and Li, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over!

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