Six photo collage of Chad hovering over Abby's body, Bo and Hope dancing in Heaven, JoDevil raising a champagne flute, Xander Gwen and Leo dressed for their double wedding, a head shot of John Aniston, and Eli and Lani holding the twins at the police station.
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

2022 saw stunning returns, tragic deaths, diabolical plots, and explosive weddings.

Salem was a hotbed of activity in 2022 — and not just onscreen. NBC’s long-running soap made huge news when they exclusively moved to Peacock. Though the decision was controversial with many fans, it didn’t slow down the 57-year-old soap opera that gave us huge returns, exciting reunions, tragic deaths, and a steamy hook-up not before seen on daytime.

The year started out with a fickle Devil who went from Marlena to Johnny to Belle to Allie to Tripp. But the Devil’s reign finally ended, paving the way for more scandals to come. Such as Lani’s no-good bio-father coming to town, Craig leaving Nancy for Leo, of all people, Sami finally learning Lucas was her kidnapper, Jake’s death leading to Stefan’s resurrection, Ava killing Susan and bombing her funeral, and so much more.

In the church, John, Johnny, Tripp, Eric, and Marlena encircle Allie whose eyes glow yellow

Sadly fans were forced to say heart-wrenching goodbyes to Jake and Abigail onscreen and John Aniston offscreen, as Victor’s beloved portrayer passed away. Less devastating goodbyes were said to Ben and Ciara, and Eli and Lani — for two completely different storyline reasons. But, with the revolving door always spinning in Salem, it’s not a stretch to assume we’ll see them again soon. In fact, Eli just dropped by for Christmas, and Ciara is making an appearance next year.

Sitting on the Kiriakis living room couch, Sonny raises his eyebrows to Victor.

Speaking of, the reunion fans never thought they’d see occurred in the latest chapter of Beyond Salem when Bo and Hope reunited in Heaven. They’ll get their Earthly reunion soon enough as they’ll be joining their daughter back on the mothership in 2023.

As 2022 comes to an end, couples find themselves in a state of flux, and long-held secrets are about to explode, setting up 2023 for must-see drama.

But before we welcome a new year, take a look at the photo gallery below to revisit the past 12 months in Salem.