The Horton Christmas tree 2020 on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

See just how far Brady was willing to go to prove his love! 

When we think of Days of Our Lives and Christmas, we picture the extended Horton clan gathering around the tree to place everyone’s personalized ornaments upon it. For viewers, it’s become a tradition to look forward to each and every year. This year, the soap took things one step further by having actors share some of their own personal holiday traditions. We’ve gathered a few here… and end with something very unique: a video in which Eric Martsolf (Brady) shows us a rather scandalous Kristen/Brady scene from the Peacock special A Very Salem Christmas which wound up on the cutting-room floor!

Check out some of the special cast videos below, more of which can be found on the show’s Twitter feed (@DaysPeacock).

Can We Come?

First up, Victoria Grace makes us a little bit jealous — and extremely hungry — by revealing that she’s got plans which will take her far from Salem. (Although since nobody knows exactly what state Salem is located in, it’s hard to say just how far!)

Getting the Tree

It’s not Christmas without a tree, and Stacy Haiduk (Kristen) gets hers as soon as Thanksgiving is over! It’s a family affair for her, though it’s the special way she decorates it that we love. Cheers to that!

Holiday Movies

We’ve all got our favorite holiday films, and Lucas Adams (Tripp) has not just one, but two of them! And apparently, the entire season is spent on them because, well, he watches them how many times?!

A Family Affair

Who doesn’t love to gather with their loved ones around the holidays? It’s certainly the high point for Elia Cantu (Jada)! Well, there’s that and burning, er… baking some tasty treats for her niece and nephews! Hey, as she puts it, “It adds flavor!”

Home For the Holidays

There’s nothing quite like returning home every Christmas, and for Brandon Beemer (Shawn), that means heading back to Oregon to “look for reindeer.” This year, though, sadly may be a bit different for him!

Two For One

With a mom who’s Jewish and dad who’s… “well, he’s flexible,” Arianne Zucker (Nicole) grew up with the best of both worlds, celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. And that’s something, she explains, that’s continued to this day!

‘Twas the Night Before

The food choice may be a bit different from what some folks are used to for the holidays, but Greg Rikaart (Leo) making Christmas Eve special with his husband every year sounds downright magical! And the holiday tradition they share with their son is adorable.

Dealer’s Choice

Christopher Sean (Paul) celebrates Christmas Eve in a way that may be familiar to quite a few families… but he

He’s Been Very Naughty!

And now, as promised, the video in which Martsolf shares two version of a scene from A Very Salem Christmas. First up is what you actually saw on air (and if you missed it, you can still catch it on Peacock!), followed by a slightly different version in which… well, you’ll just have to see for yourself!

Now, check out some of our favorite holiday photos from years past… including some behind-the-scenes shots from your favorite soaps!