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Now this would be true entertainment royalty on the show!

Honestly, seeing Days of Our Lives‘ Drake Hogestyn at the gym is not at all surprising to us. John is still one of Salem’s heroes, never afraid to go charging around to the rescue whenever someone’s in trouble. Hogestyn’s got to keep in shape to keep up with him!

But as impressive as that is, seeing who the actor’s been working out with on Instagram really floored us!

“Happy 97th Birthday to my workout buddy, Dick Van Dyke” Hogestyn wrote on his post with a photo of the legend himself. “Can you Imagine if Dick and Bill Hayes worked together on Days? Gotta be a record in there somewhere… 97×2!!”

OK, we’re not usually huge math fans, but that’s an equation we kind of love!

The fans wholeheartedly agreed on having the acting legend visit Salem, offering ideas on everything from a duet between Hayes and Van Dyke to just having him stop into the Brady Pub for a bite to eat. Christopher Sean (ex-Paul) and Eric Martsolf (Brady) both seemed to get behind this idea, but even more importantly, so too did Doug and Julie themselves, Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes!

Over on their official Instagram account, they offered a poll on their story asking, “Who would you love Dick to play?”

And the fans answered! (And so did we — sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

As for what the people have decided, the narrow consensus seemed to be for Van Dyke to play “Doug’s long lost-brother” over “A fellow ‘con man’ from Doug’s past!”

But we say… why not both?

He wouldn’t be the first brother of course. That honor went to Doug’s half-sibling — but identical doppelgänger — Byron Carmichael, also played by Hayes. In fact, his 1979 death is where the Williams family got their fortune — and brought the scheming Lee DuMonde to town to marry Doug and try swiping it back.

But we digress!

How about Van Dyke playing one of Doug’s old con buddies who comes to town looking for his old partner to pull a fast one, only for them to discover that they’d been (non-identical) twin brothers all this time and had been separated at birth! And maybe he can try (and fail, of course) wooing Julie while he’s at it, you know, just to flip that Lee DuMonde story around a bit.

What do you think? Who would you like to see Van Dyke play?

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