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This could really explode.

The writing was on the wall when both Abe and Paulina won their respective elections on Days of Our Lives. Something had to give. They couldn’t both serve as mayor and governor, respectively, unless they wanted to risk their marriage and live separate lives.

And then Paulina ended up in hot water and yesterday, it became clear that something had to give right now. The Salem town council let Abe know that his marriage to an embattled governor-elect was untenable and they expected his resignation immediately. He was all too ready to give it all up for Paulina — until she stepped in, told the council to shove it and that she would be the one stepping down for him!

That doesn’t mean the road ahead will be easy for the newlyweds, what with Paulina’s legal trouble, but as Abe said in yesterday’s episode, the two have weathered more than their share of troubles already, and they’ll make it through this one too.

Maybe so, but it won’t be easy, and there’s no way it’ll be the end of their problems. In fact, when James Reynolds and Jackée Harry spoke with Soaps.com about what they’d like to see ahead for their characters, Harry made it clear that she doesn’t want things to get any easier.

“I would definitely have Paulina have an affair,” Harry responded without hesitation. And she wants it to happen with a younger man. “With a young white man with muscles — but not too young!”

OK, so it would almost be the reverse of Chanel and Sloan’s father — an older white man having an affair with a younger Black woman. That, of course, isn’t going well for anyone involved, but hey, that’s what makes it compelling television!

In Paulina's conference room, she and Leo smirk at a scowling Abe

Er, we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t be with Leo, though.

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But while folks are very much aware of a college professor abusing his power with a student, the part that doesn’t really bother folks as much is an older man with a younger woman. That’s something Harry pointed out when Reynolds suggested Abe could have his own affair with a younger woman.

“Men always can go with any woman with any age,” she countered, and it’s not controversial. “Sylvester Stallone’s 76, and his wife’s, what, 39? Nobody cares.”

To be fair, Stallone’s wife is 54, but there’s still more than a 20 year age gap. She was about 20 when they met and he in his 40s — again, that sounds an awful lot like Chanel and Sloan’s dad.

If Paulina dated someone 20 years younger eyebrows would be raised, but if Abe did the same, he’d be cheered on. This is something Harry wants to tackle. (The muscles, we imagine, would just be a bonus.) It would be more than just an affair story and it could give Harry another real-life issue for Paulina to take on.

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It could tackle sexism, ageism, and the double-standards society puts on men and women. And in the process, of course, it would be like lighting a stick of dynamite in Abe and Paulina’s marriage and make for some darn exciting TV!

So yeah, what would Harry do next?

“Definitely an affair.”

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