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Can lightning ever strike again?

If looks could kill, after Monday’s Days of Our Lives episode, we have no doubt that Alex wouldn’t just be dead but incinerated beyond recognition. The man was about as oblivious as it comes to Chad’s withering gazes as he flirted and worked with Stephanie. Well, that or he just didn’t care.

Either way, it’s clear that Chad’s falling hard for Stephanie. In fact, on Friday, spoilers indicate that he’s just about ready to talk through his feelings with his best buddy (and Alex’s brother!) Sonny.

But does this mean he — not to mention the fans — is ready for him to move on after Abby? When asked Billy Flynn about whether he’s ready to try for another supercouple, the actor chose his words carefully.

“If you look at it in terms of how real life is,” he suggested, “you’re lucky to find one true love. I think Chad found it [with Abby].”

And now that she’s gone? Well, Flynn says, neither he, nor Chad have grandiose expectations.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be a part of Chad and Abby again,” he admits candidly. And he’s well aware that viewers may not ever want him to move on without her. “Chabby” may just be too great to get beyond.

In the graveyard, Chad scrunches his face as he touches his forehead to Abby's

“In our genre, it’s tough because the fans are so loyal to the couples that they fall in love with,” Flynn noted. And he’s aware that part of the magic requires two people, adding, “I think there’s more probably ‘Chabby’ fans than there are Chad fans.”

That’s a bit harsh to face, but that doesn’t seem to have fazed the actor. It’s not the end of the world and both he and his character “just do your best to move forward and see what happens. You take it for what it is and try to have a good time. You get to know somebody.”

And right now, Chad’s getting to know Stephanie. And getting jealous over Stephanie. And, judging by those looks he throwing across the room, wanting to pull an Eric and put his fist in Alex’s face… But hey, Flynn can’t blame him!

Abigail Kline as Stephanie, “is amazing. We have great chemistry. I think with where fans are right now, you’re not supposed to be rooting for them to be a supercouple. You’re just rooting for them to help one another.”

Maybe Chad and Abigail are well and truly gone forever and maybe the lightning that struck the two of them will never hit Chad again. It’s still just too soon to tell.

“I think where Chad is right now,” Flynn explained, “he can imagine spending a day with somebody, but he can’t imagine spending his life with them.”

But as the actor put it, that’s “right now,” and the future is still wide open.

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And as for getting to play out a story with Robert Scott Wilson again, he added, “It’s been fun. It’s a revisit with how we have Alex in the mix is very reminiscent of Chad, Ben and Abby.”

“Hopefully,” Flynn deadpanned, “Alex doesn’t start strangling people.”

If he does, though, we’re pretty sure Chad will happily put him in his place!

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