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Heck, we don’t know what to say and we’re paid to find words!

Poor EJ is going through a rough time right now on Days of Our Lives, and it’s hitting him hard enough that he’s invited Nicole into his home with completely altruistic intentions. No, really, it’s true! As Dan Feuerriegel himself pointed out, EJ really doesn’t have any intention of getting steamy with Nicole!

Well, yet. This is a soap.

But while his Salem alter-ego’s blood is cooling a bit while he mourns, Feuerriegel apparently now has an entirely new character who’s intent on steaming things up to the point that we’re pretty sure we just stepped into a sauna!

The actor couldn’t help but join in on the new social media trend of having AI create digital portraits of ourselves. And one of the portraits Feuerriegel received was… intense. Fiery might be another good word. Shirtless certainly works. In fact, he was so hot, Feuerriegel gave him a name. And a backstory.

He posted “Sebastian” on Instagram and with the pic, he offered “An excerpt from the new hit romance novel, Two Minutes In Heaven, that my new AI character, ‘Sebastian’ adorns the front cover of.”

OK, we’re intrigued.

“Two Minutes In Heaven follows Matilda,” EJ/Sebastian’s portrayer continued,” a lovelorn housemaid who goes on an adventure in the Australian Outback. On her travels she meets a powerful and charming Stockman, simply known as ‘Sebastian’ who shows her what it is truly like to go down under. Get it on Amazon now. It’s steamy. It’s creamy. It’s Two Minutes In Heaven.”

It’s also… a lot. In the best possible way!

We will not, however, be including the “excerpt” here because we value your screens and don’t wish to set them on fire. What we will do is warn you that there’s silkiness, there’s undulation… and there’s love pudding. Yes, you read that right, and now you’re going to have check out the post to the read the whole thing and never get some of those words out of your head.

Paul Telfer (Xander), however, brought up a great point when he asked if “the story still make sense if I haven’t read One Minute In Heaven yet?”

And while we’re now suddenly wondering how steamy 3 Minutes In Heaven may get, Itschrisj22 pointed out that, “I think just reading this post is the one minute in Heaven!”

Heck, all the comments were pure gold! Then again, while fans were, as they laughed, practically tripping over themselves to get to Amazon, not everyone had the same reaction.

“On a scale of one to 10, I hate you an 11,” Raven Bowens (Chanel) replied with helpless laughter.

Feuerriegel (or was it Sebastian?) let her know that “I can feel… your… anger.”

Oh, thank God. We were afraid of where else Sebastian was taking it. Things might have escalated to the point that the threesome Bowens and Robert Scott Wilson (Alex) just defended was going to look downright tame!

In any case, we guess the moral of the story is: When is this coming out for real, and do we have a promotional discount code we can share? Asking for our readers…

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