EJ and Nicole in bed together Days
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Someone is going to be spending the holidays alone this year.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of December 5-9, things heat up between Stephanie and Alex. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

After Jada’s bomb that she had an abortion, and a confrontation with Nicole, Eric drowned his sorrows in booze at the Brady Pub. Later he stumbled upon a drunk Nicole being given support from EJ. This might have something to do with the preview for next week in which Eric wakes up in jail as Paulina calls out from the next cell, “Hey handsome, what you in for?” Over at the DiMera mansion, Nicole wakes up in bed with EJ and has to check under the sheets to confirm, yup, she’s naked!

Sonny fills Chad in that Will isn’t coming home for Christmas this year. Elsewhere, Gwen tells Leo something that leaves him gasping. Could he have found out that Sonny’s going to be all alone for the holidays, and perhaps make a move?

Even though things started out looking like Chad and Stephanie would get together, she ended up spending Thanksgiving with Alex. Chad was happy that she was happy. For their upcoming date, Alex surprises Stephanie with flowers. She tells him that she gets the sense that he’s a man that likes being on top. Alex is left speechless, as Stephanie quickly realizes that came out wrong. Soon, they are tearing one another’s clothes off!

And be sure to tune in for Days of Our Lives 12 Days of Christmas on Christmas Day on Peacock, as the stars share some of their favorite holiday scenes.

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