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Were we completely wrong about where this was going?

OK, we have to hand it to Days of Our Lives. They may just have pulled a fast one over on us — and it’s a doozy! We’ve been talking for some time about how the show was skirting around the possibility of telling an abortion story with Jada but, it seemed, they’d decided against it and were going to have Jada keep her baby and co-parent with Eric.

It was, in many ways, a fairly predictable — and maybe more importantly, safe — tale that soap operas have been telling for decades.

However, at the recent Day of Days fan event, Elia Cantu spoke to and promised that the story is “not as predictable as it may seem. I know some fans are saying, ‘We’ve seen this!’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, keep watching!’”

Well, we have been watching and at the end of today’s episode as Eric was happily prattling on about Jada getting decaf coffee because it’s better for the baby, and being so excited about her keeping the baby, Jada stopped him cold.

“Eric, stop! You need to listen to me. There is no baby.”

Wait, what?!

Holidng his phone, Eric looks up at Jada with a shocked expression. Camera equipment spreads over the table in his room

We were thrown, wondering if she was lying to cut herself free from Eric. That wouldn’t work unless she planned on skipping town and we’ve got no indication that Jada or Cantu are going anywhere. If she is still pregnant, that’s not something she can keep hidden for long. And that’s not really in line with who Jada is.

So that left us with one of two options. Eric, of course, too excited to think of the alternative, immediately assumed the first option: That Jada miscarried. But we had a notion it was more than that. And it was. It turns out, Days of Our Lives is finally telling the story that soaps have been avoiding for decades.

Jada made her big reveal, and it was like a switch had been flipped. The word that the show had been skirting around for weeks and that we had thought was scaring them was suddenly being used by all the characters involved: abortion. Jada had an abortion.

This story still has a lot left in to unravel, and most of it, we can already tell, will be painful. While the actual abortion and Jada’s decision happened offscreen, we’re finally seeing how difficult and heartbreaking it was on her. And then there’s Nicole’s role in it, despite how much she tried playing innocent with a furious Eric.

Let’s just hope that now that the show has proved itself brave enough to tackle abortion, they don’t pull back suddenly and have it become one big lie. Judging by the pain Jada’s going through, we have a feeling this is something that will stick — and so will the ramifications, for many, many years to come.

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