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If we’re doing this, let’s do this right.

Few things have made us more thankful this season than the thought of Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso returning to Days of Our Lives and (fingers crossed!) bringing Bo and Hope back together!

It’s been years since Bo died and even since Hope left, which means the anticipation can’t really get much higher. We did get a taste of a reunion in the afterlife for the two characters over on this past summer’s Beyond Salem installment, but that just whet our appetites for much more. And now that we’re so close to getting it, we couldn’t be more excited! Or more nervous…

Days of Our Lives, you see, has, over the years, given us some of the greatest couples in daytime history. What they haven’t always given us lately, though, are satisfying reunions. So as we gear up for a “Bope” reunion, we thought we’d go through a few mistakes that the show absolutely cannot make with these two!

Kristian Alfonso, Peter Reckell bo hope jpi days

Let Us Enjoy the JourneyFirst off, please do give us time to enjoy them! Don’t just bring Bo and Hope back, reunite them and then send them right off into the sunset as if that’s all fans have been dying for. We know there’s a lot of factors at play here from story to actor availability, but we really hope that the show wouldn’t have gone this direction unless and until they were sure they could give us our “Bope” fill.

With that said, though, what the show can’t do is keep them around just to drag this out for an interminably long time! We know from that explosive winter preview teaser that Hope and Harris are going to be heating up — we’re guessing before Bo makes his return. And as for that return, seeing as how he’s been resurrected by Meghan Hathaway, there’s a good chance his brains could end up scrambled in some way. Heck, that’s just DiMera Scheming 101.

So the “Bope” reunion we’ve been waiting for won’t be happening right away, nor should it. Give us some conflict and some build to get to it. But don’t overdo it. That’s what Days of Our Lives did with Eric and Nicole, and it’s dragged on for so long and just been full of such poor choices, some fans are tuning the couple out before they even officially reunite.

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“Is anyone else getting tired of this, or is it just me?”

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Now, in all fairness, Eric and Nicole aren’t nearly on the level of, nor have they been together as long as Bo and Hope. So there’s probably a bit more that “Bope” fans are willing to sit through to get to what they want — but that doesn’t mean it should be dragged out ad nauseum.

And while we do want them to reunite and stick around, they can’t come back together and then just be shoved straight onto the backburner. That’s what happened with Xander and Sarah. They came back together, they married and… they disappeared?

We’re seeing them more now, but it’s mainly to cause trouble for them as Xander got caught up in someone else’s storyline and made a few poor decisions that could ruin “Xarah” if they come to light! We never got to actually see their honeymoon period and the magic they once had was squandered by the time we got to see troubles in the road for them.

Sarah stands on the motel room bed and points down. Xander looks up at her

“Xander, look! I found our storyline! Quick, trap it before it escapes!”

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That can’t happen with Bo and Hope. Luckily, if they both return to the Salem PD, there feels like plenty of opportunity to keep them on the screen even if they’re not always in their own front burner stories. Crime is not a problem in Salem — even when it comes to their own family! Heck, Jan’s got to return for Shawn sooner or later, and having his parents around to help take her down seems like a no-brainer.

Now, we’d like to say these are the only mistakes for the show to avoid, but we feel pretty confident that anything else that might go wrong is recoverable! This is “Bope,” after all. As we just learned from Bo’s resurrection, there’s nothing they can’t survive! We hope.

What do you think? What would you like to see for the couple? What are you worried might happen? Let us know below on your way to the gallery!

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