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This tragic ending is downright explosive.

Well, we knew this needless war between Days of Our Lives’ Ava and EJ wasn’t going to end well. We had the daughter of a mob family battling it out with the son of a supervillain family. Susan was kidnapped, Tripp was kidnapped, Xander was roped in, Steve and Kayla were sent on a mission — no, there was no way this was going to end with much happiness.

But to have it end like this… oh, this is not good. It’s not good at all.

Next week, we learned in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, it looks like the two will have played out their moves and threats and gotten to the point of making the payoff. EJ’s given in and is handing Ava money to get his mom back.

It’s a dangerous situation to be in, but EJ, Dan Feuerriegel tells Digest, is still cocky enough to think he’s got the situation under control, even though “Ava, in a way, has kind of met his match at every turn.”

Worse, he’s not aware of her mental state. A dead Charlie cheering on her worst impulses makes Ava even more dangerous and unpredictable than EJ could possibly imagine.

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So when things go wrong, they go wrong spectacularly. He makes the payoff… but Ava still flees with Susan at gunpoint. Xander, it turns out, didn’t obey her order to kill EJ’s mom. Which is good, right? Not really.

The car chase that ensues, well, we finally learn what that fall preview all those months ago was about. The car that goes off a cliff and explodes is Ava’s — with Susan in the backseat. It is, as you can imagine, devastating.

“EJ is an absolute mess,” Feuerriegel explains. “He’s trying to deal with what’s straight in front of him. He starts to retroactively go over what he could have done differently because he starts to blame himself. Every single thing he did was for his own ego, and now look what’s happened.”

Are Ava and Susan really, truly dead? It’s hard to imagine surviving going off a cliff and exploding, but time will tell, we suppose.

If there are survivors, that may come to light too late, though. Susan was always one of the bright spots in EJ’s life. She was a good person and she had nothing but unconditional love for her dear Elvis Jr.

Losing her could very well push EJ over the edge. A DiMera who’s an “absolute mess” can be incredibly, unimaginably dangerous. EJ has already always flirted with — and sometimes briefly embraced — his father’s darker impulses. If Susan’s gone and his world has a little less love in it, who knows what he’ll be capable of.

The folks of Salem might soon want to start sleeping with one eye open.

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