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If only he were still around to remember it too.

It seems strange how it’s been less than a week since Days of Our Lives’ John Aniston passed, but we seem to be seeing him virtually everywhere we turn. Well, it’s not that strange, seeing as how tributes to him are pouring in from virtually everyone, but he’s even popping up in moments we’re least expecting them.

Take, for instance Justin and Adrienne’s wedding. Just yesterday, you see, was the 35th anniversary of that magical moment. And yes, we truly do mean magical. It didn’t get much more extravagant than ‘80s soap weddings as daytime pulled out all the stops for its supercouples.

Judi Evans certainly remembers that wedding fondly, as she shared a collection of photos from it on Instagram and a touching message to go along.

“35 years ago we had the honor of traveling to the magical homeland of John Aniston to film a gorgeous Greek wedding,” Evans recalled. “It was a trip I’ll never forget and an experience that will stay in my heart forever. Thank you, to the people of Greece for being so welcoming and full of love and thank you to the ‘Jadrienne’ fans who have stuck with us all these years.”

It’s a milestone that would have been incredible to celebrate with Aniston. He was right there at the wedding itself. How could he not be? Victor’s nephew was getting married — in his homeland, no less!

As fan Kayla Sheaffer replied to the post, “To see John Aniston back in his home country just lit up his face and made those scenes of Kiriakis finally accepting Adrienne all the more authentic. Damn, it’s a hard week, but I feel so lucky we celebrated 37 years with this man and that he got to play the best — make that, the only Greek Mafioso dude in daytime!”

Evans then went on to share a series of clips in her Instagram stories from the last two, virtual years of Day of Days (before it returned to being in person just this past week!). In them, she and Wally Kurth talk about their favorite wedding. You can imagine how difficult that was to decide.

“Mine is easy,” Kurth noted in the first clip as he turned to Evans, “because you and I went to Greece.”

While the wedding itself was filmed in St. Sophia’s in downtown L.A., he explained, the outside scenes were all filmed in Greece. As for the wedding guests filling that church? Those were fans. About 150 to 200, Kurth estimated.

“It was extraordinary,” he continued with a laugh. “And I know I had a really, really long monologue.”

The second clip was the hilarious story of how the Greek Orthodox priest who married Justin and Adrienne may have just married Evans and Kurth in real-life at the same time! Er, congratulations?

Check out the clips below.

The years fly by too fast. It seems like just yesterday, Victor Kiriakis was making his first appearance in Salem, Justin was trailing along behind him, and he and Adrienne were marrying in one of the most gorgeous, incredible weddings in daytime history.

Time may have marched on, but at least we’ll always have our memories.

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